Friday, August 30, 2013

and the scent of cedar wafted on the air.....

Well my, my.... what a night last night.  My favorite part was being dragged thru a cedar tree....
Oh yes, you read that right. 
It would seem that a certain naughty pony I know forgot where he left his manners. (perhaps he was looking for them in the tree?)
We (the four of us, Cricket, Scott, JoJo and I) were almost back home from a walk about the neighborhood (I was on the ground walking, not on board, thankfully)(What? seriously, you don't all walk your ponies around town?)....Anyway~ we were coming down our street and he decided we were going left, sharply... first he hopped up a little cement wall, and onto the neighbors lawn.  Then, started dragging me along like a pony possessed..... Some where in the cobwebbed corners of my mind, I thought that if I steered him into a tree, perhaps his instinct would tell him to stop ~ you know, like, "Hey, hold the phone, I'm in a tree... perhaps I should stop.".... No, not to be the case.  What you do in that situation is press onward, and if your press hard enough, perhaps the little "gnat" (your loving human mother) on the end of the rope will shake/scrape off the end of your leash, and you can eat the neighbors entire lawn, or explode ~ which ever comes first.
Fly in the ointment for him was that I was down right pissed by then, and had decided to hold on if it killed me! (and as we know, it probably could have..... but I'm here typing, so I guess not this time.)
At one point, as I was being sieved thru the branches, a large cat sprang out of from someplace under the tree, course I couldn't really tell you where, how much could I see from inside a bushy cedar tree? ~ any how, the cat, fearing its life was in peril, ran for it - and made a flying and dynamic leap into the tall grass at the edge of the lawn.  Once we emerged from the other side ~ I was stomping mad.  I explained in no uncertain terms that this truculent and bellicose behavior needed to cease immediately.  I stomped; (yes, with all the might my small booted foot could muster, STOMPED!) and we started back for home... (The Husband and Cricket were both looking a bit wide eyed from the commotion by then)... (they had circled bush the other way, presumably to pick up what ever was left of me, or head off the unruly beast?).  I noticed on our march back home that the two woman who had waved and said hello as we left for our walk a half hour before were trying desperately to conceal their smirks and snickers, and studying their feet..... 
Once safely back into the corral ~ that lovable pony I know appeared again.... nuzzling my arm with his velvety soft nose, and sighing contentedly, and making cute little bubbly noises. 
 I looked up just in time to see Scott and Cricket watching us intently from across the corral, presumably waiting to see what was going to happen next....
... they were both sporting amused smirks as well.
Well, I kissed his nose if you must know, and told him he was VERY naughty.
Mixed messages?
Now then.  Where was I?
  Shall we get to the point? (or what was going to be the point).
  I was planning to post some photos of my lovely time in patio last Sunday, relaxed and enjoying the scenery and reading my book and sipping my ice tea...
So let's us harken back to a gentler time, and I'll finish picking the bits of cedar tree from my hair as I wait for the photos to upload.
Ahhhh, perfect afternoon ~ pony nibbling hay in the distance... tall glass of ice tea close at hand.
I do love a good book once in a while....
surrounded by nature and nasturtiums....
We little hummy stopped by for sip.
                                                                                   Fanny and Franny stopped by for snack of watermelon....
Peaceful patio scene....
Chipmunk, chipmunking.....
*Nibble,* nibble,* nibble......(that's JoJo making that sound, not the Echinacea....)
A zinnia with its very own golden halo!
All of the previous photos were taken from the comfort of my chair.... low impact photography!
Then I got up, but only a little....
Wanted you to see this awesome geranium blossom!
Go ahead, lean right in there ~ BE the geranium!!  You know you want to!! :)))))
Happy little Nasturtium! 
and there is this last one.... Tell me what you see ~ besides a horses bum.
I start to see why I have no time for drawing and crafting lately.... I'm far to busy taking pictures in the garden, reading, and picking branches out of my ears.
... which probably also explains the long span between blog posts too?
Never fear, I'll be back again before you know it....
 unless I'm wedged in the bush ~ please come find me?


  1. Yes well then (trying to wipe the grin off my face ) you have been warned about those wayward ponies personalities , yet watermelon and nose kisses will always greet them at end of the rainbow ... that's pony love love for ya . All's well that ends well I say ... and look what a fun story you got out of it . How can anyone not be holding in a giggle.
    You and your ~ funny pony tales ! ;)

    1. psst love all the relaxing lovely photos after the fact too !

    2. Can I get you a nice piece of soft orange sweatshirt to help wipe off the grin.... ??
      (Oddest thing, I found one in the backseat of my car?....)
      Yes, well I suppose I'm the one who decided to expose my short comings with pony handling... *giggle* (Now, now I giggle... as compared to last night....)
      So are you suggesting I shouldn't have kissed his nose so soon?
      I did refuse to get him watermelon after that ~ no matter how nice he asked! !!

  2. I am so glad you are ok Melody, but I must admit I had to giggle.. What a ride that was!
    Love your photos today.
    Thanks for sharing your pony story.

    1. he's got a funny sense of humor that pony.... but you gotta love him!

  3. I need to see a photo of you in that state, all bedraggled emerging from the tree :))))) He he....don't mess with those ponies I say, stick to the pooches, they wouldn't do that to you .....would they......?( I have been pulled over several times by my dog). Love the relaxing scenes! :)

    1. well, no photos... but I could try to draw up something, from my perspective? haha ... bunch of branches and a panicked cat...
      The dogs are big enough to drag you around for sure, but these days I walk the little one, and let Hubby get dragged about instead! (mostly they walk nicely, after to rounds of dog classes in their youth... Of course, Marley and I did get ejected a few times and made to sit on the naughty bench for bad behavior during class (his not mine, I just had to go down with the ship)... Geeze, my whole life sounds like a bad cartoon... I'm gonna go sit in the patio now and quietly reflect. :)))))

  4. Here's an idea! You could start drawing cartoons about your life with animals and I am sure you could live your job soon! Garfield who????

    Sure, I had to giggle with the rest. You would, too, if that would have been Scott :) But I am glad you are both ok. I Love the pictures of your relaxing afternoon, I can actually picture me there with you.

    The bum picture... could there be a heart shaped darker spot?

    1. Firstly, YES!! There is a heart on his bum!! Isn't that cool! He rubbed his fur off scratching and itch, and as the hair has grown back it made a heart!! :))) If there was a prize, you'd win for seeing it! :)))
      There are two chairs in the patio for pony viewing (and resting and ice tea drinking) ~ you're welcome any time!
      I am thinking our crazy world in cartoons may just be the answer....

  5. Oh dear it sounds like you might have got off lightly, you could have ended up at A&E, having to tell the Doctor that tale. Hope you are okay. You still have a lovely colourful garden, enjoy relaxing there while you can. It has turned cooler here, Autumn just around the corner.
    I think there is some material for drawings , cartoons, life with the animals. Enjoyed seeing your new finds, loved the old key.

    1. I guess that's why they say every one you make it thru is a good one? I try to let it go in my mind, and hope that with time he will crave my leadership and respect more than grass; well ~ a girl can dream.
      Mmmmm, the thought of Autumn in your neighborhood just makes me drool!

  6. Wahahahaha ... oops, sorry ... ;-)
    I should ask how you are doing now. No bruises or anything? When are you and JoJo going for a walk again? ;-))))

    1. Thank you for your concern *cough* ~ I'm fine thanks...
      We'll be going off someplace again real soon. Fingers crossed.

  7. Pssst Hey you with the very funny horse stories ...
    there's an Award waiting for you to pick up over at Willows Blog ...
    no really it isn"t one of Jeff Foxworthy's signs either .
    You won a "One Lovely Blog " award !
    When you come to pick it up return her orange sweat shirt or else ;)

  8. Is it a big shiny award, shaped like hob nob?
    Is it heavy? Should I bring a moving van?
    She should have followed the directions on the ransom note if she wanted to see her sweatshirt again. Wa haaa aa aaaa
    (no, not really. it's safe ~ just kidding... don't panic.)

  9. Wow I am so happy you are OK well maybe not your pride but your body. That hurts would that be a bump on that little horsey butt:) Take care I am so sorry I am laughing at your pain. B

    1. "Pride" seems to not be part of my world these days, I've tucked it safely in a little box, wrapped in tissue paper under my bed. :)))
      Round here we expect the worst and hope for the best! I find the laughing at myself is much nicer than crying~~ :))))

  10. Melody, that naughty pony taking you on such an unwanted adventure, like a hobbit! But it is difficult to stay angry at our critters for more than 5 minutes. I adore the garden vignette with watering cans and pots, so cozy.

  11. Melody, I don't imagine for 1 minute you are near Arlington Massachusettes?? It's a book signing by Lilla Rogers, at Derby Farm, 21st Sept?? Just thought I would drop you a line here, just in case you are anywhere near, it's such a BIG country I know. Anyways, think it would be rather good to go to? :)

    1. I'm not sure where Arlington is... but probably not more than an hour or two away? We aren't home next weekend, or I'd consider going to find her!
      She looks like a super colorful, fun lady! :)))))

    2. Glad you got to check her out anyway, she's quite a talent and a big name in design! :) Have a good trip too.!

  12. Well Melody...I've gone and done it again...must be my age...I'd posted a comment on your blog...but it appears only in my imagination! So I'll try again in real life cyber space!!
    Hope you are fully recovered from your forced meanderings! Love your pictures - both word painted and camera snapped!
    The Zinnia with a halo is amazing!
    Hope your next post is a bit less dramatic!
    Ali x

  13. Um excuse me knock , knock , knock .
    I know you have been doing some very exciting things , and taking beautiful photos .
    Hmm ,where on earth did your September in blog land go ??
    ...prompting softly ... perhaps even being a wee bit annoyingly pushy huh !
    Why ... because we miss you !
    Calling forth the Autumn posting ... you know it's in there ! :))

    1. Sooooo, what you're saying is ~ you know to much. You're on to me.... You know I've not been living in a small dark cave. Hmmm, you're right.... I need to replace the roses at the top with something more "autumnal"... cough up the pictures of the horses, and the weeds and liven this place up a bit! ~ Well alright, fer you ~cuz you asked, I'll work on it! :)))))