Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oh Christmas tree! etc., etc. ~ 2013

A few short days until Christmas... and in true New England fashion, just as the calendar turns over to officially winter, the temperature turns up to feel like spring!
Last weekend we were in a snow storm in the Christmas Parade~ they don't kid when they say if you don't like the weather just wait a minute!
So, let's catch you all up on December, shall we?
 First, we have that Christmas parade....
and afterwards, my Mum got a ride!
We got a Christmas tree during a snow storm too!
from a really neat place called Williams Trading Post!
If you are ever in So Middleboro, MA you should stop in!
They are open seasonally, and in addition to plants, they have cool antiques too!
and sleighs will with pointsettias...
and gnomes, and bean pots, and  bird baths....
and there is William now!
and flower pots and wind chimes....
It really was snowing very pretty like, while we wandered among the trees....
The Fairy Wagon at home was looking like a winter wonderland!
This is the charming little mouse who assisted me with Crusty Gecko's (from Willow's blog) special Christmas card, tiny little paws for applying tiny little postage stamps....
Miss Belle wanted to say "Hi!"
Cricket too....
JoJo was too busy snacking to comment....
Rose Hips in the setting sun....
This is our fabulous drawing of Cricket!!
                                                  Drawn by the amazing artist Eva B
and this the new living room...
but what is that out front?
lean up a little closer....
Meet Clyde, the newest member of the family!
He's very well trained ~ and so far, has been no trouble at all! 
The mice have been decorating too...
a hearty snow fall and Christms cards in the mail box!
Looks pretty cozy inside too....
There seem to be mice every where!
These little snowmen are caroling outside Pottery Cottage.
Such fun to get Christmas cards in the mail!
another mouse.....
Christmas scenery abounds!
Clanta, hand made by my friends Mum!
There are wee tiny woodland houses at every turn....
A fun way to use up left over Christmas cards from years past!
Snowman in the saddle....
Yummy Christmas books!
We must get the doggies fluffed up for the Holiday too!
(pup pictures, just for you Julie!)(<-- another="" artist="" awesome="" p="">
As you can see, Marley is REALLY over excited by this primping...
So there you have it... December thus far in our little corner of the world ~
Happy almost Holidays, where ever you may be!
Wishing you Peace and Joy
and a few quiet moments with a good cup of tea.... to just be.


  1. Oh my goodness've been busy. I love the photo of your Mom, all your little mice, Miss Belle, Cricket, JoJo, and your new addition Clyde... he is so big and beautiful. Your new living room is gorgeous and so is your tree. Marley looks so content and all fluffed up...what an awesome job that must you could probably knit a sweater with all that fur you brushed out....hahaha...just kidding...but he is soooooo cute. So...wishing you and your family and all your doggies and kitties and ponies and horsies...a Very Merry Christmas...and about that cup of know I'll make a great big pot to share with you if you want to stop on your way through to your Maine house. Just let me know when you're coming to make sure we are home. Would love to meet you someday Melody. Hugs...Kathleen

    1. Thanks for visiting! My Hubby actually saves all the hair, we are trying to find a local "spinner" to make it into yarn! So you're not far off on being able to knit a sweater! :))) (if I could knit that is...)
      I will let you know when we to be passing thru your neighborhood! Tea would be lovely!
      Happy Merry Christmas to you! :)))

  2. Great pictures Mel. Makes me want to visit the mice in their cosy little houses. ;-)
    Since you are there, and I am here, I have to wish you lot a wonderful Christmas through the blog.
    Enjoy but don't burn yourself on the hot tea.
    Eve ;-)

    1. You are always most welcome to visit the mice ~ you know where they live! :))))
      I will be very careful with my tea ~ don't want to burn a taste bud and not be able to taste the Christmas cookies! :)))))
      Merry Christmasy wishes to you too! :)))

  3. Skipping, clapping, spinning and twirling ( whew dizzy now).
    So happy to see all the fun here !
    Nice to have met Clyde in person a few days back
    Ah yes one day I see me being dragged about by a large draft horse shouting " Heels down Mr. Lorraine !" giggle

  4. I suggest some nice wellies ~ those puddles can get deep out there, while you're getting dragged about.... *giggle*
    sit down now; no more spinning... so you don't fall... :))))))

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family...furry and otherwise! Have a good new year too! Xxx

    1. A Merry Christmas, and Happy 2014 (and beyond) to you as well ~ thanks for stopping by! :))))))))

  6. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas. You look like you are having such fun, loved seeing all your mice, beautiful decorated tree and all your photographs. Looks pretty chilly, so keep warm and cosy .
    Best Wishes Melody for 2014 to you and all your family. Have a lovely time. Millyx

  7. Thank-you Melody, I love my photos, Marley looks so cute and content there, I have to chase my dog round to brush him, this looks like no problem for you, and I would knit something with all that hair!!! Hope you had a fab Christmas, and Happy New Year to you. I'm hoping to get my camera soon, so I will be back on the blog, it's been too difficult, my button on top of the camera had gone, and would only work in a certain position, crazyyyyy. Hope 2014 is wonderful for you all there :)