Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Day! January 3, 2014 ~

This new year has brought some snow with it!
Our weather people have taken to giving every storm a name ...
seems names are not just for hurricanes anymore... 
This one?
 I don't know about this naming policy.
But...Ehh, who am I to talk, I name trees....
So we had a snow day today ~ no snow plow came to our road until after lunch some time, and my little car doesn't make a very good snow plow, so I stayed home from work.
Heck the Governor wanted me (and everyone else) to, how can you argue with that?
So blah, blah, blah... lets look at some pictures shall we?
I do love me some snow flakes..

If you angle it all just right, you can see the snowflake, and the fireplace reflected in the window at the same time!

That's not even the fake stuff they sell in a can ~ that's REAL snow!

Little mouse was content to view the scene from inside...
(he needs a name...something proper and English sounding.. oo oo, how about Onslo (like Mrs. Bucket's brother in law?) 

I love the water colors effect...
See the teeny horse shoe, next to the big one?
Can you hear my Grandfather singing?
"I found a horse shoe, I picked it up and nailed it 'or the door ~ twas old and rusty, and full of nail holes
Good luck, good luck twill bring for ever more~~"

Junco in the Winterberry bush~

Cardinal with his Junco friend....

Cricket ~ after some serious rooting about in the snow, hoping to uncover a secret cache of hay....

JoJo:  "Seriously... you and that camera... "
"Don't you have treat or something?"
"hay will do.... was hoping for a carrot though..."

Yipeeee, snow!

Is that a snowman? 
can I lick him?

Clyde is taking all the snow in stride....

"Are you getting my good side Mum?
I'm smiling!"
"and blocking my brother from view...."  he he he

I hope my hair don't freeze like this....

*dun da da dun*  Super Dog!


Cool swoopy ocean wave icicle! 

"Hurry up and take the picture... you know I hate standing snow...."

Good boy Marley!  :))))

The chilly day, drawing to a close....

"what?  Is there something on my face?"

Frosted Ava ~  :)



 I'll be back soon ~ with some arts and crafts for show and tell.... ?
That would be a nice trend for the new year!
Hope you are warm, safe, healthy and Happy where ever you may be!  


  1. Fun ~ fun ~ fun ...don't we love New England :)) Did get a bit Brrr out there though didn't it I had to take pictures in small intervals as my hands and nose kept freezing up on me ( no I promise not to talk about ice cycle nose hairs ).hee
    Your house look lovely ~ did you paint it yellow since I was last there ? A whole wonderful weekend ahead to play in the snow ... our barn thermometer is on ONE degree right now ...BRRRR indeed !

  2. I love the photo of Cricket...and your snowflakes and snow on your windows...just beautiful Melody. Nice to know you didn't have to go out and drive in this awful storm to get to work. I think you got it worse than Maine this time...only had about 6 inches with this one. Your doggies look so happy in the snow sweet to see all of your animals in the snow and looking forward to seeing some of those arts and crafts you talk about. So I'll be back too to see what new and fun things you're going to "show and tell". :)

  3. I love your pictures. All of those animals...oh my gosh, it looks like they are just loving the snow. So glad you had sense to stay home. I hate when people go out and the weather is bad. I worry. We just had about 5 inches of the white stuff and are do for 5-8 more on Sunday, with blizzard conditions. Time to hunker down.

    Cindy Bee

  4. Thank you for sharing all these great pictures! All that snow... .looks so pretty from here, where we have 13C and I even took the trash out in short sleeves. I am glad though you got to stay home on Friday, so you got yourself a loonnng weekend. I hope you made the best of it. The animals are gorgeous. Ava and Marley surely love the snow :)

  5. Hercules surely made your world look pretty. And yes you were told to stay home and inside, except for sweeping your pavement ... so we've been told here. Or was that just the mayor of New York?
    The house looks so bright and sunny and the icicle is one great piece of art.
    Oh, and it's not Mrs. Bucket ... it's Bouquet ... ;-))))))
    It's nice to see the dogs enjoying themselves.

  6. Gosh that is quite deep snow!!! I hope that's not going to head over here, although I'm getting tired of the rain and wind, we are sliding around in the mud. The dogs love the snow :) even my old pooch will leap about ( more like flop about) when it snows. Hope you have a cozy long weekend.

  7. Happy New Year Melody - certainly looks like a winter wonderland with you. Hope you stay snuggly and safe.
    Love LOVE LoVe your fab photos that swoopy icicle is a real beauty!
    Onslow sounds a magnificent name for a you have so many you could have a Mont(gomer)y...or Aloysius (as in Lord Sebastian Flyte's teddy bear in Brideshead Revisited!)
    Looking forward to reading many more Melody musings in 2014!
    Ali x

  8. Happy new year to you and your family (human and otherwise) I loved this snowy post. xxx

  9. Wow!! So very beautiful!! Snow and animals what more could you want. My dog absolutely adores snow - well until he collects a little to many snowy Christmas decorations around his feet and his middle that is.
    A very happy new year to you and yours. x