Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 2014

So hello again ~ I'm still here, really I am! 
I've got a treat (well, sort of?) in store for  you this post!
 What ever could that be?
O.K. well, treat  might be stretching it....  but hang on, first let's check the weather here in New England before we get to that...
May I present to you, (she said bowing slightly, and flourishing her hand about dramatically...)

April Garden.  (back yard)
Ain't it pretty?
and my stunning fish pond.....
and the Fairie Relm....
spring is making a slow bebut....
But don't worry, JoJo is keeping an eye on it... he'll raise a Hoooove and wave if he sees anything green and lush... and tasty.
This is the only color I could find for you....
See the bee?  He looks a little groggy to me....

Way out front, we have the river ~ The Wankinco River.
Not much green here yet... but look!  There's Squeaky, our sweet little duck!
Make that Squeaky and Kippy....
Sadly no, Squeakers, you can't have the spotlight to yourself.... but you are beautiful none the less...
Now let's swing around the other way and look UP the river~
It's a tidal river.... and judging by the number of hawks, osprey...etc. swirling over head, the herring are running...
Makes you glad you aren't a fish..... *gulp* :(((
In other news, for some reason ~ I got a present on Hubby's birthday???
Good Grief Good People!!
 It's Emma Bridgewater!!
The inside is as awesome as the outside!!
Right then, so for todays adventure, I thought maybe you'd like to come inside?
It was suggested a few posts back that I give a little house tour sometime...(excellent idea Jeri!)
So please do come on in, today is the day!!
Pete's waiting for you at the back door~
He is SO happy to see  you!!
I've got the kettle on, so while we wait ~ let's poke around the kitchen shall we?
Mmmmm, I love my kitchen window... (sorry, should have put the dishes away...)
Can you see JoJo's bum out there in the back yard?
Squint, go ahead ~ I'll wait.
I LOOOOOVE my window sill ~ my ever changing little art/plant scape.
It makes me happy.
Wanna see closer?
~ ~these are a few of my favorite things~ ~
( I some times sing that song while I swirl about in my dress that used to be the living room curtains.)
 (I don't sing, or swirl.)
(or sew).
 (very much, very well, or very often.)
Three guesses what my favorite colors are?
For as long as I can recall, I've been drinking Red Rose tea... and the house may sink one day under the weight of the little ceramic figurines that you get in each box, they tend to pile up over the years.
Throw them away you say?
That would just seem wrong...
Are you  missing one for your collection?
I've probably got it...
The current series is "Nautical" things...
Last series was the months of the year, see the herd of little red cupids there on the left?
 i'm working on a flock of seagulls at present.
oh my,my, my looks like someone likes to stick stuff alllll over the fridge?
Oh, and by the by, it opens on the right, the handle on the left is just an illusion.
Hubby has a wicked sense of humor.
What? You don't all have a stuffed pig in your kitchen cabinet?
You should.
So let's go off to the "new" living room...
(we'll probably still be calling it that 10 years from now)
Oh Marley.... You're crowding Alice!
Let's step down, turn left and patter over to the back corner for today... the Art Nook.
Yes, a little messy... but that's how we create right?
We also can't create without our "helper cat" ~ Ellie Mae
She appears like magic, as soon as I sit down....
not sure if she's drawn to the light?
or the scent of pencil shavings?
                                                                     Art in progress!

                                                          favorite tools of the trade.....
Hmmmm, anybody see anything they recognize?
                                              How about here? Anything seem familar?
                                                                   Cat's eye view... 
                                                tiny art  for:  ~ pendants?  Magnets?  Or?
It's really tiny, just how I love it!
Is that it?
Well, no ~ there's the rest of the room.... and some fun little details I want to show you around the room, and stuff... and stuff....
and then there's the old living room....
and upstairs...
but, *yawn*  ~  it's past my pre-bed nap time...
So you'll come back again maybe?

I'll pour you that cup of tea~

What cup would you like?
You pick it! 
and we'll continue our tour!
cyber ((((hugs)))) to you good people!
Mel  ~ 


  1. All the times I have sat and had tea in your kitchen and I just now noticed that your kitchen walls are the exact same lovely shade of sunny yellow as the walls in our kitchen. Yes I know that you would have pointed that out to me ~ IF I ever invited you out of the barn yard and into our kitchen one day ;)

    1. "if" ... Yes, a girl has to have a dream. :))))

  2. Loved the tour. So creative. I can't wait to see your garden in bloom. Looks magical.

    1. Hard to believe this time of year that it will be filled with life and greenery soon~~ If i can get the dogs to stop walking thru it....?? :))))

  3. Thanks for this wonderful tour. I enjoyed it and it felt like being there. But tell the hubby that one of the floor boards in the new livingroom is a little higher than the others. I almost tripped over. :-))))
    The picture of Marley and Alice is hilarious. And yes, Pete does have this happy look on his face, like he's had a bite of cat nip.

  4. I mentioned the floor to him.... he muttered something about it being hard to get good help these days, and it wasn't his fault...*mutter*mutter*....????
    Could be cat nip ~ we don't know what goes on around here when we aren't looking...

  5. Beautiful...a feast for the eyes. Great job on teh garden. Oh, and hi Pete!

  6. So lovely of you to stop by my site!! Your list of favorites could be mine!!! As I'm reading I'm thinking...yup too!
    I was just finally ready for spring and now,winter is back....the wind off the ocean has been January ...burrrrrrr..I love your artwork ...filled with color!!! It would be beautiful fabric!!
    I adore the Edith Sitwell quote....describes how I feel to a tee!!!

  7. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  8. Oh, I missed this, I've missed lots of blogs, where have I been? In cloud cuckoo land probably! I absolutely loved the tour, best bit,.... stop at that settee with the big Dowgy, and I like your windowsill, it is nice to look at sweet things while washing up etc :) Hope your spring is picking up, everything is in full swing here, loads of green, grass, buds, wickle lambs etc! I shall wait for the next instalment :)

  9. i had fun "visiting"...look forward to the next!

  10. Well Mel, that tea would have to be RED ROSE, of course! Now what a fun little tour, how I love to snoop into other peoples homes, inside and out. The gardens will be wonderful as soon as all your green stuff pops around those GREAT stones, love stones. I think I do recognize everything in your art space.. especially a pussy cat. All good artists must have a kitty in residence and that's a fact! Your little paintings would be great as pendants under domed glass in bezels. Oh, that was fun.. think I will snoop a little further.

  11. May Day May Day ~
    Happy Cinco de Mayo Day Ms Mel :))

  12. What a perfect time to stumble upon your blog, just in time for a tour!!! I love your kitchen window....and your art nook....and your Red Rose Tea ceramic collection....and.....I'll have to come back and visit again.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting! ~ I hope you do come back~ I really should get the next leg of the tour organized.... and update the garden views too! Welcome to the neighborhood!

  13. Oh Mel,
    How is the world did I miss this post! What fun, I love your home, so warm and inviting, and your art nook! Well, I recognize everything there... The little cabinet sitting on your desk with you inks and what looks like stamps... I have a little cabinet very similar. I love your art!. Thank you so much for the tour. I really enjoyed this.
    I adore all your furry companions...
    Thank you so much for coming over to meet Andrea... Your kind words are really appreciated..

  14. Hi Melody,
    I was so very happy that you came to visit, but even more so that I came to visit you!
    I love you kitchen window with all the pretty glass and stuff, and you have a wonderful art room!
    The teeny drawings are the best!
    I also love to see all of your happy animals sharing your house with you !
    Many Blessings, Linnie