Monday, March 24, 2014

March 2014

                    Helllooooooooooooo  ~ long time no blogging..... let me try and mend my ways.

Here in
well, so far.... this blooming witch hazel is the only sign of spring around here.
My fish pond still has a giant cake of ice in it...
(worry not fish lovers, the fish winter in a big tub in the back hall with a nice jacuzzi bubbler and some broken flower pots to hang out under)
And, yup the weather people are using the "s" word again...
Suggesting that we could have some on Wednesday!
This has been a red letter winter hasn't it?
Sure, if you want to cartwheel, I can wait.
What have I been up to?
 I've been riding my pony....
  and reading my new book.....
and starting some seeds
and yes, thumbing thru the lastest issue of Country Living
Doing some silly doodles of what I'd look like
 if I was a free spirited little imp with pointy toed shoes! 
The dogs are hanging out...
and before you know it~
will be but a memory ~ and there will be tulips about our ankles!
In the mean time~ I'll enjoy the last of the cold weather and keep fingers crossed for just a little more know, in case we don't get any next year!
It happens.
Best-est Wishes,
Mel  :))))


  1. Dear Melody,
    I have missed you, but we all need time away to take care of things and just ~to be~ right?
    You sure have been busy... How do you like the book, is good reading?
    I love Burpee seeds, I have had very good results with them in the past years.Your little starts are really taking off...
    Love your sketch, it is so very happy!
    Wishing you a beautiful week

    1. The book is fun indeed! ~though I should spend my time finishing the sketches! Thanks for visiting!

  2. You are a busy little bee! Snow you say... yeah, just in case, better be safe than sorry:) I am sure Ava and Marley are loving it!

    1. A & M are wringing their paws and licking their lips in anticipation of possibly falling flakes!

  3. More snow? Wow, I do not envy you. That's not how spring is supposed to be like. But you have been doing some fun stuff lately, so you are forgiven for your absence. :-)

    1. Only time will tell if the snow really falls... If I could find that elusive balance, maybe I could do fun stuff AND blog! You'd think a Libra would have better balance?? ha ha

  4. There are many signs here and I can only say...don't fret! Someday soon!

    1. I can find it in my heart to embrace a bit more snow ~ cuz it is a long time until winter comes around again! :))))) ~ and then, when someday comes ~ I'll embrace spring! :)))

  5. Ha Ha I do like your little Imp a lot ~ and she looks vaguely familiar :))

  6. Here you are at last, I left you a message on mine today :) I can't get over your snow, I must admit to not being jealous after our last 2 winters, they were so cold for us! Love your little sketch, so full of life. Kippy looks so comfy, gazing ou the window, what a life! I haven't grown anything this year, I miss doing that, it's so rewarding, I hope they come on a treat, wallflowers smell gorgeous.

    1. Yup, high winds ~ with snow blowing sideways out there as I type! Snow's not collecting much, just blowing around! Fingers crossed my wallflowers grow up to be beautiful and sweet smelling, I had to search high and low to find the seeds, I've never seen them in stores here, but I had to have some cuz all the cool English girls have them! :))))

  7. OOOh Melody - LoVe Love LOVE your free spirited little imp - hope you get to spring around like that on a regualr basis!!
    Keep warm in the freeze...
    ali xx

  8. love the image of your sweet pup looking out the window ♥
    your 'free spirit' doodle is adorable!
    have a great weekend mel

  9. You will be out in the garden planting those seedlings before you know it... and Spring will flit by like your "free spirit"!

  10. March has gone! Hope April has brought you some sunshine and all the seeds are sown and those tulips are coming out. Nearly Easter and looking forward to seeing all the bunnies running around . You are really going to appreciate the spring blossoms after your snowy months.
    Best wishes for a great Spring time.

  11. Where did March go indeed, we didn't get any snow this year aftr being snowed in last March! Now I'm waiting for bluebells next. Loving your happy little imp, ahh I see you are a lady aftr my own heart I look forward every month to my copy of Country Living dropping onto the mat, such delicious images.

  12. What is the Imp of blogland up to these days ~ hmm ...
    inquiring minds want to know
    ( even if I did just see you Sunday ...shh)