Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer in Sepia~

Yes, I know; summer is vibrant and colorful and we should embrace it.
I do.
My Mum can't understand why I like "those BROWN pictures".....
I find sepia to be quite beautiful in it's own special way.
Contrast and light....and dew drops on Nasturtiums.
So come on along for a stroll thru a taste of summer in a more muted hue.
I've tried to include doggies, and ponies, and flowers ~ a little something for everyone?
Balloon flower

"uh Mum.... What cha doing?"
"Ridin' Clyde ~  WITH NO HANDS!!"

Awww Clyde, Good Boy...  Now don't step on the tiny dog.
No one ever looks at the camera at the same time....
In a sea of dog fluff....


Fairy Roses

Scotty the bowling ball.

watermelon time!

He just gobbled the whole slice!!!
"Feed me!"
"o.k., Now pick up your right hooove"...
Weeeee, Trick pony!
Now you see it!
Now you don't!
and take a bow...
"You getting this Mum?"  ~   "Yes Cricket, of course I am."

Talllll Hollyhock.

We have A LOT of grapes this year!
Possibly because we moved the compost pile within inches of them?
Sweet little Miniature geranium ~ (you're welcome Eve)

The Happy Monk is still swinging.....
"You STILL got that camera?"    ~   "yes Jo...."  


Next time, I'll turn the color back on... 
Thanks for visiting ~


  1. Those pics make me want to see the colored version. Especially with the flowers (except the geranium of course) I miss the colors. Ha, you finally learnt to ride a horse without hands and not using the helmet. That's what we call progress. :-))))

    1. So you're in my Mum's camp then? People Against Sepia? (that's the P.A.S. society..)
      Now, if I can only learn to ride the JoJo with no hands I can take pictures (in color) while riding!
      That's multitasking!! :)))) (like eating cereal for dinner and watching t.v. @ the same time!)

  2. Hi Melody,
    I LOVE the Sepia color... Very vintage... You are such a doll. I cannot believe the size of Clyde.. You look so tiny up there! You have to know that Ava and Marley makes my heart melt.. Kippy makes me smile, and Cricket too....JoJo has such soulful eyes... Thank you so much for sharing
    Have a wonderful week

    1. Yeah! Someone who can appreciate the "vintage hue" ! Clyde is a good guy, he never moves from his spot, doesn't complain ~ and the best part is plastic horses don't need to eat! ha ha ha
      We love em all ! :))))))

  3. Okay my comment got eaten into nowhere or the sepia was mad at me for what I said and squished it !
    Loved all the photos , you on Clyde ~ a riot.
    Cricket being a trick pony impressive.
    Jojo ...who couldn't love that face !
    Now shh don't tell the sepia but I am a bit of a colorful sort ~ so by the end of the post I was craving me colors ...shh can't help it color my world is my motto, and was also the first song I danced to at my prom ions ago. ( does that make me P.A.S. giggle)

    1. Ha ha ~ let that be a lesson to ye~ don't anger the Sepia, or Ye shall be squished!
      Scott was saying his shoulder hurt the other day.... Hmmmmm, wonder why?
      Yes, yes ~ we'll put the color back on. I can see I"m outnumbered here.

  4. What fun pictures, Melody! I really enjoy the ones of your dogs and horses. It's true that we don't often think of summer as a "sepia time of year," but maybe using that tone brings out something new and different in your summertime subjects. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the sepia tones! I am so pleased that my new camera has a black and white option. Not as cool as sepia, but still kinda cool. My brumby does not like watermelon, can you believe it? I got a bunch for her because I read that horses love it and its watery nature is perfect for them on a hot sunny day. It was a bust! She didn't even want the carrots that had touched the watermelon! Glad to see there are some horses out there enjoying it. Geranium is one of my fave plants. I love the scent!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog about ring work bringing out the worst. I too have wondered if project also, since I don't like it any better than Lilly. Maybe I should stick to obstacle courses.

  6. I love the sepia. It causes one to concentrate on the main subject in the photo instead of everything surrounding it. And it is so nostalgic, that tone. You have a bunch of beauties there! Funny I never got a horse, it was all I ever wanted as a young girl. and now it is the only critter I DON'T have.....