Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fair The Well to June ~Hellooooo July!

  Is this what the good people of England mean when they speak of  "Toad in a Hole"?     
                             Sorry, I suppose I should say "hello" first, right... it's only polite!! 
                                Trying to keep up with my blogging a bit better... trying.   
                      Feeling a bit "summerish" out there today, humid, with a warm breeze.  
                                  I will try not to start longing for Autumn right away, and instead ~ we'll live in the moment a bit shall we?
Let's go!

                                                 Mr. Blue Jay is having a bit of a feast!
                            and his associate is keeping an eye on me.... keeping and eye on him!
Bit of craftyness... notice how i sit on the couch, but not at my "craft table"... ? Curious creature I am.
The Boys are still roasting coffee, but now they've moved onto using a popcorn popper instead of a frying pan! 
I confess to a little thrifty shopping.... sure.  It happens.
Another Thrifty find.   Tiny tray for tiny things?
This is just in case anyone wants to join me for tea.... I'm ready! 
Tiny, shiny gold beetle? 
Spooky spider hole..... only the bravest birds would  make a nest in there....*gulp*
O.K. ~ so maybe one more thrifty find.... it was pretty.
And then we have some more of the house tour as promised!
This is my "art corner" ~ behind the couch in the new living room....
                                                                      From the left.....
                       And standing in front of the hutch, looking out to towards the front yard...
                                   What?  Don't you all have saddles in your living rooms?
                        Where do the small children sit when they visit your house??  Hmmm??
                                   A little closer at the art corner.... there's that tray again.  It gets around!
                            And if I sat at my art desk, and spun around ~ this would be the view!
                     Perfect spot behind the couch to hide a small portion of  your craft goodies...
                                                The Hutch, in all it's "Hutchness"
                                A little bit closer again.  You may have seen this one before.
                  Think of this, the next time you hammer a nail into something.   Just saying.

                           The cute little "purse" Hubby got me a few years ago..... love the scene! 
This fabulous piece of art is painted by my Mother in Law - in Law (if that makes sense?)
She is obviously got quite a talent there! :)))) 
A little cabinet I decoupaged years ago... with copies of my Grandmothers' old letters and post cards!
Closer up to those hidden storage shelves... I loooove me some tins!! 
Cupcake stand turned paint holder?
                The original living room..... "New" one to the right, kitchen to the left.
                                                              Gazing up the stairs......
                   My goodness there's a lot of stuff around isn't there? (no need to agree...) :)))
This is my Art Loft~ before the existance of Art Corner.... being taken over by felines.
It has also housed House Guests at times.  :)))))
More stuff.... Grammy's little camera... I remember her using that little silver one.
It had the square "flash cube" that mounted on top! 

Holders of beads and what nots....
Picnic anyone?
Hubby's family had a coffee shop "back in the day" ~ Advertising, etc. from the store!
I watered this little fledgling... he was in the weeds by my flower pot!
                                                     Blends right in!  Nature is wise...
                                  Great Grandmother Agnes's rose bush... still blooming!
                                                        Can you smell it?  Yum.  ;))))
                                                                    Love this rose bush...
                     And here's me ~ testing out my crafty shirt and getting goosed by me pony!
                                                          Can't you just squeeze him?
 Then we have this last one... taken on Sunday, after a less than stellar ride... fraught with evil, angry flies... loud motor cycles.... and fallen trees.  Much time was spent swatting and bobbling about....
So when you make it back to the trailer in one piece, you CELEBRATE with some iced tea and watermelon!  Luckily, JoJo know how to lick the liquid out of the bowl like a big puppy!


Please visit me again.... I love the company! 

Happy July! 

Mel     :))))))


  1. That spider hole sends shivers up me spine... and I think of Frodo! I think your huge pink coffee cup next to the British teapot is the same one I have, is it huge? I drink out of that cup every morning. Now, if you ever need to get rid of the green cupboard with the bead-board, you just let me know. Oh, and all that coffee paraphernalia, I like that too. I think I could have a lotta fun poking into the corners of your house and looking at all your collections. You are a pack rat, just like me. Love it all and you are so pretty!

  2. I give that little bird house a wide berth.... just in case any beady little spider eyes are peeping out at me! Pack Rat... yes, that's it... I'm sure that's better than being a "hoarder" right? I like to think I am saving all the family treasures (mine and other people's) from certain death in a dumpster! Funny, the green cupboard ~ It was in my Father in law's basement, when he bought the house. I've been eyeing it for 20 + years.... and finally I talked him out of it, or more to the point, my Hubby into getting it out ~ it had been screwed into a wall! (holding the wall up? Eeek.) ~ I adore it! :)))))
    If you ever are in the neighborhood, you are most welcome to come and peep around the place! (I assume you are not allergic to animals....) :))) Thanks so much for visiting!! :)))))))))))))))

  3. I love the stacked luggage in your art corner. I assume you have art supplies in there? very curious... You are indeed a memory keeper, and I love it all! Not real sure about that spooky spider hole, thinking I would walk waaaay around it... I love your tins, and I think the cabinet that you decoupaged your grandmother's letter's is so special... Thanks so much for the tour Melody.. I really enjoyed it.
    You look so pretty standing next to dear Jo Jo.
    Have a great week...

    1. Inside the suitcases are stacks of my "artsy" magazines... perfect spot for them! :))))
      I tell myself that the spiders of the world eat the mosquitoes, etc. that are trying to eat me ~ and as long as they don't touch me, we can co-exist!
      That's how I feel about most bugs.... go about your business, but don't touch me!
      Thanks so much for visiting! :))))))

  4. That's an inspiring Art Corner. Upstairs was nice but this is better with this window and all. (All = more space for critters around, and the hubby sitting on a saddle ... or wasn't that what you meant with 'small children'? ;-))
    What a pretty bird Blue Jay is. Never seen anything like it.
    And what was the result of 'roasting' the coffee beans in the popcorn popper?
    Can't wait for the next post, but don't worry, I'll wait patiently, as always. ;-)

  5. ha ha ~ Small children = little Cousins.... Hubby's feet would drag on the floor, he'd have to raise the stirrups and sit squinched up like a jockey!!
    The beans get to a darker, shiny roast in the popper, than pan ~ though the machine is noisy, even out on the back porch! ~ Whatever right? It amuses him, and it's a lot less trouble than say... a School Bus. :((

  6. Boy, you have serious amounts of stuff, fascinating collections, I would be in trouble for having so much :)) It would keep me entertained for ages mooching around. So that's where the coffee grinding/roasting comes from, I thought that was quite a novel thing to do, but it's obviously in the blood....coffee. Love your tee shirt, he is cute, not quite as cute as the pooches though, NO pooches this time :( come on Melody. Those images on the the tea tray, sort of Barge painting style are bang on trend by the way.

  7. Ha ha, as I was clicking "post".... I was thinking.... Hmmm, no doggies, that's not going to go over good... ha ha ~ I will do better next time!! If you are ever over yonder here, way across the pond, you are most welcome to visit and mooch around to your hearts content ~ and you can hug the doggies in person!

  8. Seriously, you have one of the best blogs I have ever seen. First of all, your sense of humor is mood-altering. If ever I am feeling glum, I swear I am getting out your blog. It's not just what you are saying, it's that your photos are so fabulous I almost choke on my tea when I am drinking and looking at your blog simultaneously. And speaking of tea, I am a bit of an anglophile so I LOVE that teapot more than you will ever know. Those nails make me snort! They are hilarious! believe me, if all nails looks like that, I would not be able to pound them into anything. I'd be like: Hallo there, little fellas!!! But also, your pictures of animals are so fantastic, I can only hope to be half the photographer that you are one day. And your art corner? Ah, just plain brilliant--although there is nothing plain about it. Just know that you have a bona fide fan out here in western mass!

  9. Wow! A house full of curios and inspiration. :)) Just lovely - I'm prone to a little thrift shopping myself. ;) Happy July x

  10. Love your visual treats Melody - so much to gaze at and enjoy - your posts are just like your wonderful home, full of interesting bits and pieces in every nook and cranny...tho no spiders spotted yet!
    I had composed a loooooong comment for your previous post but the internet ate it when I pressed publish....hoping the www has had its dinner today and doesn't gobble this one!!
    Happy July
    Ali xx

  11. I love this virtual tour of your home! I love your art corner, one could get lost in it for days! It sure looks very inspiring.
    And you and JoJo look great together! I love love love the hand decorated shirt. I really don't know how you manage to do it all!

  12. Hi Melody,
    Though my Concord grapes were seedless, I still found some seeds. So I pushed the pulp through a sieve and removed them. The fruit leather sat in a low, low oven (didn't turn it on) for four days and turned out GREAT.

    I am going to try using my solar oven next time.


  13. So glad you continued the tour! I love it!! I guess we've traded May flies for angry flies!! Not fun but I figure I'm burning more calories flailing my arms and swatting while walking. Beautiful rose, I think I smell it!!