Thursday, September 4, 2014

Welcome September!!

So here I am again....swinging along, you just don't get to play on the swings much when you are a grown up....  probably because they don't make the "seat" grown up size, and one must wedge their bum into the sling! 

Roly, Poly and Puddin' are enjoying the fresh air ~ trying to hold all three of them at once is like trying to contain liquid fur.... they never stop moving!! 
Saw this cool old truck coming home the other day.... it was a girl driving it!  Makes me smile!
This is the train bridge in Buzzards Bay, MA ~ and that is the HUGEST ship I've ever seen going under it!!  The train bridge gets lowered for the trains, they don't have to levitate across the top, don't worry!
                                     We're still out cruising the trails with the ponies.....
and some times we go for ice cream and walk to the Town Line!
                                                              It was a pretty evening....

In other news... the grapes are ripe oddly early this year!
and quite abundant.
So I picked a bunch...and made grape jelly and a big jug of grape juice with the Concord Grapes!

Mum thinks Thistles are lovely... so I had to come quick and take its picture!
I think they are pretty too, I just don't want to step on it's sharp leaves accidentally!
                      and this is just like they (who ever "they" are) say ~ The down on a Thistle!  
and one night, after work ~ Hubby took Cricket for a drive around town...
and when he got back I was out front with the camera... and he said, "You drive him!"
to which I replied, "I don't know how"!
"pull left, you go left....pull right... you get the idea."
So I shrugged and said, "well o.k., why not!"....
and off we went! 
Those little legs go fast!!! 
please note* Pony and cart were returned safely....

See these tiny little yellow dots, growing under my olive tree?
They morphed into full grow bright yellow mushrooms, almost over night!
                                       I'll let you peep under their skirts.....  Eeek!!
The Plumbago is blooming, I LOVE the blue!!
                                ...and now the sweet little red grapes are ripening fast!! 
                            I can't eat them all fast enough... I wonder if they can make jelly too????
                                                  They are fairly dripping out of the trees!!!
                                                                 Isn't Calendula lovely?
                      and the phlox blossoms look like little twisty ice cream cones before they open!
                                                                         Pretty Dahlias.....
and the dogs keep going swimming to cool off.
 The big dogs like to be toweled off after swimming and bathing...
But not Kippy. 
He wants to it himself thank you very much!
Just put the towel down, and step back.

                            and Mum got her first yellow squash a while back ~ she's quite pleased with it !!!
                                                    So there now..... you're caught up a bit....
                              and Roly Rat says we'll be back again in the twitch of a whisker!

                                                                     Happy September so far!!

                                                     Mel   xx 


  1. Ok so those really are rats? hmmmm....don't know how I feel about that! And they don't squeeze out the fence? We had some friends that had a pet rat, Rosie, and she was really just like having a little dog around. Only she wasn't a dog. I bet people in town think you two are hilarious...riding pony carts and such. It looks like you live in a beautiful area.
    Happy September to you! I'm fixing up the camper...finally...and I'll be hanging your little picture up in it when decorating time comes!

    Cindy Bee

  2. What a great post Melody....I wish I could come take a pony ride with you.. Rolly, Polly and Puddin are so sweet... Looks like they want to jump right out... Now that's a handful! Your dogs are so beautiful... You have your very own peace of heaven on earth...

  3. That is great that you finally tried the cart (is it your cart?). You don't look very relaxed though... ha ha ha
    The ship is huge, especially when you have something (cars, bridge) to compare it with. I love those giants.
    This post has a taste of fall, just like the colors of the pictures. Summer is over ... yeahhhh. ;)))

  4. Happy September ~ although the New England weather has taken a turn back to hot hot hot and HUMID ~ what happened to the tease of lovely crisp and cool morns.
    Well aren't you cute as can be there looking like the cat that ate the canary, standing in front of the pony cart with your hand in your bag ( what's in there anyhow ??)
    Oh and love the pic of you and the JoJo in front of the azure blue lake your glowing with glee ~ hee hee
    Looks like lots of pony club fun going on there ...pull left to go left and right to go right ~ must be one well trained little cart equine ...Go Cricket ~ go Mel ...Weeeeeeeeeee

  5. I scream with delight over all those animal photos but especially the rats! Aren't they the most special creatures? My stepdaughter has a hairless rat and he is by far the most interesting pet in the house. And super snuggly! Naturally, I love your mushroom photos as well. Their little skirts! That cracks me up.

  6. Thank you Melody... So happy you enjoyed Tilly!

  7. Roly Poly Puddin... do I detect a bit of Beatrix Potter here? Darling! Tom Kitten any where in sight?! NIce to see you having such jolly good fun with all your furry friends; that cart must be a blast to drive!

  8. have just stumbled on your blog, love it