Sunday, February 21, 2010

and visions of bunnies danced in her head...

I wanted to share with you the latest, greatest in clay bunny 'finishing'! 
It was recently suggested by a friend that I have my little clay things cast into metal.... and while hot molten metal is rather scary sounding to me, I was quite enchanted by the idea.  I have little pewter rabbit that i got about a million years ago when I shorter and about 10 years old in Sandwich, MA at the Thornton Burgess House..... and I also have one I got when we went to Beatrix Potter's house in England so long ago...
 I'm all about the compromise so i went looking  and low and behold the craft store held the answer!
 Liquid Silver Leaf! 
Who knew such a thing existed!  Other than the fumes from the paint it works awesome! 
(i'm sure it tells me to work in a well ventilated area... yes... it does..)

First i coated all the little bunnies with "Gesso" which is a surface prepping white acrylic paint....
The little guy on the left has been silvered, as compared to his friend who is only sporting the Gesso....  It's hard to fully appreciate them as the camera hates to focus up close.

TA-DA !!! There he is next to his bottle of shiney coating!  What do you think?


  1. Ok, I absolutely love the first bunny from the left!!
    The silver one reminds me of the bad Terminator which was made from liquid metal.. the rabbit is far cuter though!

  2. I love the same bunny Sandra cute!

  3. The little flop eared one? That was supposed to be Sophie... funny, as i didn't think she came out that good! For some reason the floppy ears are harder to make than the stand-upy ones!

  4. Yep that's the one. I don't know, she just looks so cute...and squat. :-))

    You went to Beatrix Potter's house in England?? That is so cool! I love her art. Did you see the movie they made about her? I liked the parts where the little pictures came alive.

  5. Oh indeedy I did go to her house! I adore Beatrix Potter! and yes I saw the movie, I bought the DVD! I had to... :) Have you seen the "Brambly Hedge" books? They are awesome too!

  6. I just looked up Brambly Hedge...Love it!!

  7. The row of bunnies is great ... the left one has something about her indeed. She is cute, like she is shy. But I also like the affect of the burnt ears ... like it's meant to be.
    The result with the silver paint is great.