Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The scent of spring in winter....

Three little bulbs arrived in the mail from far, far away in Dutchland...

So I pulled out my blue cooking pot (since i don't like to cook anyway)... and went out to the back yard to chip some frozen potting soil out of my bucket... and I tucked their little bottoms into the dirt..... and i talked to them, and i watered them... and i told them stories about the windmills of their homeland....

and here they are now..... three cheerful little faces peering back at me from the window sill, while i do "kitcheny things".... the delightful scent of hyacinths wafting on the air - bringing the smell of Spring to February.


  1. Simply Beautiful!!! I love the pot, too:) Not for cooking, as decoration!

  2. Scott calls the Hyacinths "Nature's Air Freshner"!!

  3. Very pretty!

    We need a lot of them here. Skunk mating season in February...ew, every year, it stinks as the skunks are everywhere.

  4. You are right Sandra, the pot is lovely. Never ever use it for cooking again Mel. ;-)
    Mel, you put the bulbs the wrong way ... the flag from Dutchland is red-white-blue ... I think, with the view they have no, they don't miss their home country.

  5. Red white and blue is our flag too... i'll try and do better when i plant them in the ground for next year! No, I'll not cook in the pot, it looks MUCH better with the flowers !!
    I've been noticing a lot of Skunk scent lately on my walks... and now i know why... :)

  6. what a wonderful way to start spring early, indoors:) Thank you for your wonderful Echo contribution!