Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Echos - Illuminate

My contribution for "Illuminate"... and a similar scene in miniature.

It's snowing as I type, but i know winter is slipping away...

Winter always  makes me smile inside.


  1. Looking at those pictures I'd almost want it to be winter again ... almost

  2. Very pretty!

    Reminds me when we were kids and we had to make one of those dioramas for a school project. I can't remember what mine was, but I helped Sean make one to go with his report about polar bears. White cotton everywhere with glitter and a cut out polar bear from a print off the internet. lol

  3. I think it actually IS still winter...

    The scene is my "dolls house" substitute; and soon i'll change it up to look like spring in there! Growing up is SOOOO over rated. :)

  4. Let there be light! I love this pictures... you should post more often...

  5. I will do my best to do just that; should be easy, it's not like i'm often at a loss for words... or photos..... :)