Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A peek into the past

Monday, September 12, 1960 - Closed - Hurricane

Rent July 1962, $35.00

These items belonged to my Grandmother... she had a little sub shop called Irene's Variety... There are 4 ledger books... that span from 1959 to 1965. They are filled with little receipts and notes, employee wages, taxes, rent and even a newspaper clipping telling of the store being broken into. I'm told that it was popular spot for kids as she sold penny candy and soda as well as subs. I never saw it of course; it was before my time and the building it was in is long gone now. I love things like this... It's like a glimpse back into a world I didn't get to see.

Jan. 20 Blizzard - closed 1961
I bought myself a very similar ledger book.... yes, a little premature - but that's what we do around here, put the cart before the horse... and then pull the horse. So silly maybe... but I'm ready for the day when I sell something ... and when i do, I will note it in my book; just like my book keeping Grandmother did before me.
Saturday January 27, 1962
Rolls 4.68
A & P 3.78
P Lavton 1.88
Bread 5.14
$ 15.48 Sales $ 41.59


  1. I love stuff like this too. The history in it all. I like those little pamphlets that tell you all the things about the year you were born. This is so much better though, being about your own family.

  2. I think i'll look for one of those pamphlets about the year I was born... could be interesting.... :)

  3. 'Hands-on-history' - what could be better?! Doesn't it set the imagination running? Don't you want to invent a Time Travel Machine and go back there?
    (I long for such a machine... often!)
    By the way, pardon my British ignorance but what is a sub shop? You mention sodas and candy but then mention 'subs' too. What are subs?

  4. Do they sell time machines? They should....
    "Subs" are sandwiches, but inside a long thin roll instead of sliced bread... in New York i think they call them "Hogies"... I'm just trying to keep you on your "linguistic toes!