Friday, April 30, 2010

An Award?

Well it seems I've gotten an award from the lovely Sandra of  Elephant Lover blogspot fame!

Until this morning i didn't know there were awards in Blogland?  Thank you so much Sandra, I am honored! I have been feeling rather speechless lately... but now I am suddenly inspired to type! 

I don't know if I'm doing this right.... or how to get the little picture of the award over here...(you really do need to give me explicit directions when it computer related you know!)  Ohhhh wait; I think i've got it now...

I guess part of the acceptance speech is to share ten things no one knows about me.... I'll try to dig deep, but I suspect that some of  the Mysteries of Melody may not be news to a few of you! 

so here we go.....

1.  I hate having to put my wet sandy feet inside of shoes.... all that sand trapped in there with my toes makes me want to scream!! 

2.  I freak out when bugs "touch" me.... I don't mind if they are near me... and I appreciate all the help they provide in the garden.... bees, butterflies, even spiders; but just please DON'T TOUCH ME!!!

3.  I am becoming "set in my ways".... wierd things are beginning to bother me. Like, I need the little dishes for the animals vegetables lined up in the same order every morning, so i know whose is whose; if they're not - I have to fix them before i can go on....

4.  I must "rearrange" and "organize" my hamberger (say from a fast food place)... before i can take a bite.  The people who make them do not assemble them with any attention to detail or affection.  If i don't rearrange it,  I'll be left with a big bite of bun and pickle in the end.

* are you sure this is a good idea Sandra?  I think i'm beginning to sound crazy????

5.  I believe in ghosts... and that old houses have feelings too....they just can't speak.

6.  I believe that the people/animals you love most stay in your heart and mind forever... even when they are no longer on this earthly plain.

7.  I am a firm believer that we all get to make choices in life... they may not all be good, but they are yours, and yours alone - don't blame anyone else.

8.  I love prowling around in thrift shops and junk shops and antique stores, with no time limits; and lots of small bills.... on a perfect summers day; and to finish it off with a root beer float and a ride in the country.

9.  I have NO musical talent - despite my name!

10.  I'm not sure some days who I am completely, or where i'm going.... other days i'm quite sure; and i often wish there was an instruction manual that we were all born with, so we could check on the confusing days.

And there it is...  All I can say is please don't judge me on my nuerotic sandwich arranging....

I'll pass the award on to a few people.  ( I have no idea who is  "award free" or not... so i'm sorry if you are..) First, back to my dear friend Sandra of course, who has inspired me to type again after 2 longs weeks of silence, and who ALWAYS  inspires me with her passion for animals.... And to Eve, special friend, artist and author of  who also acts as my artistic conscience in her free time... and also to - It was the first blog I "fell for" as a result of buying an issue of Artful Blogging a few years ago; and that's how I came to learn about the magic of Blogland and fall under it's spell in the first place!


  1. LOVE this post and I totally do the hamburger re-arranging also! Especially if I get a roast beef sandwich from Arby's. They never arrange the beef and cheese evenly and you end up getting a huge bite of nothing but bun.

    Love learning these things about you! I knew about awards but I have no idea how to give them.

  2. I love this post... true, some of the things weren't really new to me, but I am glad my husband is not the only one who arranges, organizes his sandwiches:)) Thank you for giving the award to me, too:)
    Christina, I just took a copy of the awar's picture from Elda's blog (since she gave me the award) and linked the post to hers... I don't know if that is the right thing to do or not.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post. It's always fun to learn new things about your friends.
    And thanks ;-) for the award. I had never heard of it. Did you have to share 10 things with us? You are so brave ...