Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone!  As you can see, there IS an Easter bunny.... actually more than one! 
He tried to hide, but it was no use....

and he brought a friend too....

Strawberries to go with the frozen lemonade pie, see the heart?? 

What do rabbits like to eat?? Well carrot cake of course!
or perhpaps

Hot Cross "Buns" ??? 


  1. Well, you have the best Easter bunnies:)) The drawings are so cute and make me want a carrot cake, too!

  2. Is the new banner a work of yours? Those wooden hearts look familiar...

  3. Scott made the hearts! They are wooden, the center is resin poured over bits of broken glass we pick up on our dog walks! He's going to need his own blog soon, he's getting more crafty then me! :) - I'll see what i can do about the carrot cake...

  4. Lovely those sun catchers.
    And you've got some pretty easter bunnies, but where are the eggs?

  5. It wasn't "eggs" they left in the basket... :(