Sunday, April 11, 2010

kinda crafty weekend...

 It was a mostly rainy, breezy, cool weekend in Maine.  It takes the world a little longer to warm up up there, but I don't mind, and the dogs love it!   I stayed inside and made silly things... and he played with his lawn tractor.... (I had the better deal...)
This image has been floating around in my mind for years.... Luke always sat under the little apple tree, watching for Pepe (the neighbors dog) to come and play.... They are both gone now, and the little tree is getting crookeder by the year.... I thought it was high time to get the image on canvas.  (painting in acrylic is outside my usual colored pencil comfort zone).

And this stunning cartoon is of course the fantabulous Ava and Marley!  I think the pen and ink versions by my lovely friend are much more striking!!!   But, I decided to share them anyway, just to prove I was a teeny bit crafty this weekend!

see my fancy paper plate pallett??? Isn't that what Picasso used??   Oh, wait --- Picasso is a cat... does Picasso paint too? Was there another one someplace in art history...  *Meow??? 

and finally, a little "mouse house" made from a card board box, and covered in birch bark! (it seems to shed from the tree naturally, and I can just leave it there on the ground! - what a waste!)
Then when we got home tonight, there were countless swans out front in the water.....

*sigh, so pretty.... 
 and now i must pay attention to cooking this is typically how it gets burned.  :)


  1. The picture of Luke touched me. But Ava and Marley helped me find my happy self again:) Eve's drawing is striking but yours includes the characters of both dogs so it's striking as well! Seems like a fantastic weekend... and swans welcoming when you got home... what can you possible want more out of a weekend??:))

  2. I agree with Sandra's comment. The painting of Luke has something about it. It makes me want to join with a far away look in my eyes. Staring at the world, waiting for something to happen ... well done Mel. ;-)
    The other one made me smile, it's cute and cheerful. Very nice.
    No, Picasso doesn't use a paper plate ... she uses my face. Her way of crafting differs slightly to Pablo Picasso's. That's probably why she never sells her work.
    Do the swans make their nest near your house? I love swans. So pretty.

  3. Love the picture of sweet.