Sunday, May 9, 2010

The crafty evidence.

So, as per my agreement; I am posting some photos of my weekend craftiness... not as much as I'd hoped to accomplish... and not all of it (as i don't won't it's intended recipient to see before it arrives via real mail)....
As you can see, i have an artistic conscience who keeps me motivated... and monitors my craft store visits...
On windy days, she rides in the "cell phone" pocket of my purse.... but i can still hear her, not to worry. Can you make out her awesome red toe nail polish? :)
Next up, we have a roap map to our yard... to be mailed with the next letters to the Pen Pal Girls.... so they can see where the fish pond is, as compared to the bunny cage, or the barn/guest room!!
And some unfinished sketches, just awaiting to be colored! Who doesn't love a good gnome sketch? 
These are some old weathered shingles from the barn at Onion Patch Farm, varnished and waiting to be taken to the next step...  of artistic greatness. I wonder who/what will be peeking out of the knot hole when you next see them??? hhmmmmm
and this,  is my Mother in Law's Mother's Day Card... drawn from the real life pot of flowers!  :)
So not a terribley exciting array of art.... and not even all finished.... but art none the less; and they say less is more sometimes!!!  Right?


  1. In my book that is a lot of accomplishments! The artistic conscience reminds me of Eve... could that be her??? I can't wait to receive the MAP - what a great idea!! I can't wait (you know I am inpatient) to see the new purpose in life of those shingles...

  2. ha ha ha, you are so funny ... ;-)
    first of all, I love the picture of the apple blossom. Did you take it?
    The shingles ... I bet a teeny weeny mouse will be peeking through the hole soon.
    Your conscious looks great ... I envy you to have such a wonderful and caring conscious ;-)
    And ... great drawings, adorable and cute as ever. Did your MiL like the card?