Sunday, May 16, 2010

Creative Sunday?.... wellllll sort of...

Say "Hi" to my Sophie!  :)

what looks as neat as water on Lady's Mantle?

     It's "filling" out around the pond!
So my "crafting" for the weekend was mostly done in the garden!   I did some "weeding".... and some planting... and yes.... i did buy a few plants too...  They all look so pretty sitting there at the store, how could i say no? 
My Radishes are looking good!

That's my "craft log" for the weekend!
 I had no idea how much i missed having dirt under my nails!!!!
I'll "create" some art... on the next rainy weekend....


  1. Hi Sophie ... how are you doing gal? Do you get enough attention over there? You should go for a walk in the garden because there is lots of tasty stuff over there. Have you seen those radishes? There seem to be carrots as well, go for it gal... ;-)

  2. What a great day you must have had! All that green, the growing plants... I am sure it helped you relax.
    Sophie is just adorable... she could be a famous rabbit model...
    Choices, too many choices: when you craft, you are sorry you didn't get to garden, when you garden you are sorry you didn't get to write letters.... life is like that and we should just enjoy without regret what we are doing at a certain time.

  3. I love rabbits and I soooo want to have a garden. I need to get on the ball and get my yard ready to plant flowers. I love being outside working in the dirt!

  4. Christina, the pulling of weeds is a perfect way to get out any frustrations too!
    I hope the resident wood chuck doesn't see Sophie nibbling my radishes..*gulp*
    Digging in the dirt is very soothing, like being one with the universe again - Now, if I can just work on this living in the moment thing.