Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Craft Confessions move to Mondays!

So it was a BEAUTIFUL weekend at the farm!  Nice and warm, and not overly buggy! Blue skies and a nice little breeze.... sweet scent of lilacs and honeysuckle in the air...   aaaahhhhhh.
But this is suppose to be about the crafting not the weather, so let me not digress any longer.

I had lots of ideas milling about in my head.  (the evidence is in my sketchbook, I'm seldom short of ideas) And then it hit me; Carrot Cake!  Well, O.K., it didn't actually hit me - for those of you who are picturing me with frosting dripping down my nose, it came to me in a *poof* of inspiration!

The drawing from April, Easter time..... sure you can go back and look if you want...  I'll wait.  

I decided to make it in clay, and follow thru with the project even.  Bold I know, but I was determined.

Here I am at the table the tools of the trade at hand.  I know, secretly you're wondering who styles my hair huh?

You've got to have carrots for carrot cake right?  And the mouse? Well, he just appeared, those silly mice get into everything, I guess this one must be vegetarian.

Somebunny has to make the cake.... so these two volunteered.  See how they gaze at each other? I think it must be love? (note the "cotton tails", that would be St Bernard fur, locally harvested in an environmentally friendly way of course.)

Ahhhhh, the happy couple enjoying a slice of cake under the old apple tree.  Doesn't that just give you the warm fuzzies?
And then I looked up, and low and behold; it was the proverbial Blue Bird of Happiness!

And that's my weekend craftiness in a nut shell....


  1. What, no cake for the little mouse? I love these pics! The bunny tails are so cute!! What do Ava and Marley thing about them?

  2. I think the pups are delighted they could help!
    I suppose i should have given at least a crumb to the little mouse...

  3. So cute. You've done a great job !!!... I would almost want to join them and have my share of carrot cake. But you didn't just forget the mouse ... what about the bluebird? Isn't he hungry?

  4. Oh, and the bird too... I will try to be more thoughtful in the future... shame on me!