Saturday, August 21, 2010

Do you ever wonder just who you are.... and what exactly your purpose in the world is? Was there a manual written for your life? Are you on track,  what page are you on, and just long this manual is anyway? (Obviously I've given it some thought....)
It's hard to put my finger who I am at this point; it would seem I'm quite a few "me's".  Wife, mother to a menagerie of animals, daughter, friend, artist, photographer, keeper of memories, weeder of gardens, folder of laundry, getter of groceries, loyal employee... (and yet I'm only allotted 24 hours in a day? hhmmmm) 
We all get the privilege of having our own unique perspective on the world and ourselves... and no one view is any more correct or better than the next person's, but it's all ours none the less!  Sometimes I see a person and think, gee, I wish i could be more like them.... but alas, then I wouldn't be me, and really what fun would that be? The world should just be thankful there's only one of me!

I have my own set of quirks, I'm sarcastic, can hold a grudge fairly well, have a strong set of opinions... my own likes and dislikes (including some people I've had the misfortune of meeting). I'm not a "follower"... never have been.  I'm not easily swayed once I make up my mind.... but marriage has taught me the art of compromise, and choosing my battles carefully. I think at this point i may be starting to lean towards eccentric even... but I don't think that's a bad thing completely...  Having too much food in the refrigerator makes me crazy, (I don't like pressure of knowing it all needs eating....)I think hot tuna fish is disgusting... yet cold tuna as a sandwich is just dandy! (with some pickle relish mixed in, on a "gentle bed of lettuce" (as a crazy boss once requested, while looking up at me from the floor he was laying on laughing hysterically) and on an onion roll would be perfect.  I prefer my chicken be served hot, and my ham? Well that can go either way.  I have fond memories of eating liverwurst and onion sandwiches with my Grandfather, and grilled cream cheese and olive sandwiches with my Grandmother... On that theory it would seem that your family has the ability to help shape you are, what you like, dislike and who you become.... who you value and admire, and you never EVER want to be like... Our young impressionable minds must be taking notes while we are busy being kids.... I do digress a bit at times don't I?
I love books, and "things"... old things especially...tattered with age and grizzled with wisdom is right up my alley. (and it goes along nicely with my being the keeper of memories.... ) I've spent a large part of my life wondering about the past.... but that is a whole another topic.
I wish i was more of a free spirit... more open to taking risks and making a leap of faith from time to time... (maybe I used all that when i first met the husband, who just called me an "odd little french fry" moments ago....) It can be exhausting being the responsible one....  I am getting a little more scattered brained, starey eyed and distracted with age, so perhaps that will help loosen up my spirit?
I'm four leaf clovers, and old apple trees, and stone walls, soft green moss, and walks in the woods with big dogs.... colored pencils and bits of clay... and furry purry cats....  cupcakes and bunnies.... rats and ducks and goats and really ALL creatures great and small.... letters and papers and glitter... and lists, many many lists.... plants and miniatures.... cameras and cups of tea and comfy sweaters and clogs on my feet (flip flops in season).... apple pie, fall, pumpkin muffins ~ and snow... we mustn't forget snow. 
Oh yes; and I talk to much once i get going.  :)


  1. This post is just .... wow! You really put yourself out there! The first picture of you is gorgeous! Very you I think.
    I have never given it much thought of why am I here: does it really matter? We do our best to live a decent life, a one worth living - by our own standards. It might not seem that way to other people as we are so different from each other. Like you I am many things: daughter, wife, animal care taker, animal lover, letter writer, photographer, lawyer, bread lover, .... it's all these things and a lot more that defines us. From everything you wrote... no, 24 hours a day (of which 8 of them you spend at work) are just not enough to fit everything in).

  2. You ask a good question... I suppose it doesn't really matter WHY we are here... More important, is what we do with the time that we are. Should I be less candid and out there with my posts? I don't want to frighten my small but dedicated readership... The "real" me may not be for the squeamish. :)

  3. Oh don't hold back Melody! I LOVED this post! Very inspired.
    We are all really an incredible mish mash of things in this life but knowing some of your details makes me feel like I got to see a part of the person you are inside.
    Keep up the GREAT posts!

  4. I am with Heather.... don't hold back! We are far from squeamish:)) I think the real you is partly very close to the real me (sarcasm is not a stranger for me either for starters).

  5. your blog is just wonderful! I love the photos and drawings too! Just wrote you a letter today;) Hugs!

  6. This post is great Mel ... it's a delight to read. I am familiar with all the questions you ask yourself. Don't most of us ask why we are here? The answer to this question can help you to focus on your goals. It can help you to make choices and major changes in your life. A suggestion of what you can contribute to the world ... the results of your creativity ... that, my dear will help to make this world a little 'softer' as you know how to put smiles on our faces.
    Keep up the good work
    Eve ;-)

  7. Good to see you here Mia,I hope you visit again!! :) *hugs* Can't wait for the letter!

    Having good friends to inspire me and nugdge me along helps me inch closer to making positive changes every day... one day at a time.
    A softer more smiley world sounds nice.... :)