Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just another weekend in Maine.

These things made me smile, a comfy little contented sort of smile... so I thought i would share them with you.
Brown Eyed Susans by the barn....
Belfast Harbor, and the fog.
The first (live) porcupine I've ever seen!

A school paper from beneath the floor boards.... last one is how to measure your farm.

 The porcupine looks like a cute little bear up close...  Weeds growing by the poor sadly falling over barn start to look quite striking in the afternoon light.  I can hear the echo of children reciting how to measure their farm inside the school house.... and the fog ~ can  you hear it? It comes on little cat feet....

Perhaps it's Magic. 


  1. Onion Patch Farm really does seem like a magical place. I love that you keep finding little pieces of history. Your farm has started to tell you her life story. Wonderful!

    I didn't realise porcupines are so cute (probably best not to try to cuddle one though :) )

  2. If the walls could only talk... (well, they'd probably say "stop pulling my plaster down", about now....) there's so much still to learn. :)
    Don't worry, i won't try to cuddle the porcupine!

  3. You really know how to make 'ordinary' things interesting. I especially love the picture of Belfast harbor. Wish I was there.

  4. The best bits of life and the world are hidden in the details... if only we take the time to notice and enjoy them.... and so often i don't.
    Come and see the harbor anytime... :) :) :)