Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It getting dark now.  The passing shower has given the air a cooler moist tinge.  The fish in my little lily pond like the rain, and they seem happy to see me when i go out to the garden to get a cucumber to go with dinner.  An ordinary night at home.  I do love home.  I always have.  I remember my mother asking when we moved into a new place (which wasn't all that often really), "Is it "homey" yet?"  It doesn't happen right away, you have to settle into the word.  It represents what's familar... smells, sounds, comfort or just simple daily routine. Sometimes other people's houses are homey too.  The ones you grow up with... the places where you are welcome and don't feel funny opening the cabinets to get a dish, cuz you know just where they are.  These days the places I feel at  home at are fewer... Life goes on and also changes.  You can't get them back, you can only hope there are new places you will come to feel comfortable in. 
Home contains much of  what I love in this world... it seems scary sometime that so much  is under one roof.... like putting all your eggs in one basket...

How does home sound tonight?  The radio is playing behind me on the kitchen counter, it's on the country station of course ~ the dial never moves.  A guinea pig is licking the water bottle, the gentle nighttime insect noises are drifting in the back door.... the husband is crashing around in the drawer looking for something... and right now ~ as i type the train is going by blowing it's whistle at the Elm Street crossing.  On a night with heavy air, the whistle is very loud and presses on your senses more... it sounds like it's in the living room. 
The computer box thingy is humming, and Jake the cat is purring on my lap; the timer for the rice just went off, and a cool wind just stirred thru the house.  


  1. That sounds homey indeed. Your describtion is so lively that I can 'see' it all. There is no place like home ... ;-)

  2. Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz)did have a point didn't she. :)

  3. This post is brilliant Melody - so vivid! I felt like I was teletransported to your home and I could almost hear the guinea-pig licking the water bowl, the insects, the purring, the train whistle... the hubby could have made less noise though :))

  4. It was an incredibly loud clattering of utensils, to find jusssst the right one... :))))) but otherwise... it WAS very peaceful. :)

  5. Isn't it funny how many sounds become so much part of 'home' you don't even notice them at all unless you actually stop to listen. Reading your blog made me stop to listen. E.g. Merlin's heavy breathing and/or snoring as he sleeps is as normal and unnoticable to me now as my own breathing. The bell around the neck of the neighbour's cow used to drive me mad. Now, it's just there, always tinkling in the background.
    And, why is it husbands can't do anything quietly?!

  6. Home just sort of seeps into your pores... ever so quietly when your not looking.
    As for husbands; I think it's their subtle little way of saying, "See? Can you hear how helpful I am!!!" *clatter*clatter*clatter!! :)))