Monday, September 6, 2010

Long, crazy weekend...

Some times things don't turn out how you planned.  Well, i guess that could describe a lot in life; but with out a crystal ball ~ it does leave us mere mortals at a distinct disadvantage for seeing the future.  I figure i could solve a lot of the worlds mysteries with a nice sporty model with high speed internet connection (and the old fashioned rabbit ear antennas for power outages). 
 I suppose i should focus on my point... rather than being pointless.

We (we, being all of the eastern seaboard) were under threat of  Hurricane Earl this past weekend... We (in this case, being the hubby and I) decided to trundle our little selves off to Maine at 5:00 a.m. Thursday morning anyway...  Before we'd gotten 20 minutes from home; we'd talked ourselves into returning home on Friday ~ just in case.  Hurricanes are funny things; you get a LOT of warning (unlike your random tornado), but a lot of warning also can lead to a lot of time to worry, or build up a lot of extra drama if you are in the media industry.  Don't get me wrong, a hurricane is nothing to be trifled with; they can be very nasty and very destructive and leave big messes, houses floating out to sea, and boats parked on the street.  The problem is, until they actually get to you, a lot can change ~ and the weather people, while they have a lot of technology at their disposal, also lack the crystal ball.  Ole Earl sort of ran out of steam and drifted off to the right, we got some rain but that was it.... not complaining ~ very thankful.
We ended up getting to Maine Thursday... unloading some stuff.... doing a little work and driving back home that afternoon.... all this accomplished in stifling humid hot air. (except in the van where it is sub arctic from the air conditioning ~ i must the only person with frost bitten toes in August, got to keep the dogs comfy though....)

So we got to spend some time at home as it turned out.... to craft, to repot the plants.... work on projects... walk the dogs, take pictures.... why it was almost like a vacation????  That's odd. 
that fake looking red ball is actually the sun ~ for real !!

I got the most adorable flippers in the mail! (flip flop + slippers)

snail mail.... how did you think it got delivered??? :))))

Beach bunny. 

the rubber molds.... not the best results sadly.

O.K. it's doing it again.... it won't let me see the pictures i upload, or move them, or delete the extra ones...
(after 3 trys, and much waiting....)
I think I've had enough computer wrangling for one night.... 
Perhaps I can try again tomorrow?
p.s. the juice is fresh sqeezed apple juice from the Onion patch farm apples; and the little pendant i assembled just for fun.... (owl is made by Green Girl Studio) the twig he sits on is from my favorite apple tree! :)


  1. Nice pictures. The pendant is lovely.
    You really need a proper computer girl ... we don't want you to get fed up blogging just because your computer has some serious issues.

  2. I LOVE the snail for your snail mail. How unique!
    The flippers are wonderful too. they look so comfy!
    A great bunch of pictures melody and it does sound like a crazy weekend.
    Earl was not so kind here. We had a LOT of damage but we will get everything fixed up just in time for the next one. LOLOL
    Talk to you soon!