Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kippa the Yippa

I realize that we surely didn't need another dog.... but alas, I have no spine and he's here anyway. 
We've never had a tiny dog before... so Scott says we can look at it as an experiment. Can a small dog, raised like he's a big dog, be a good dog?  Do all ankle biters need to bark incessently?  These and many other mysteries will be solved in the years to come. 

It has been an interesting week... sleep deprivation, ear shattering crying all night.... good stuff.  I think the human brain is programmed to forget "puppy hood" ~ or most people would never have another one if the memories stayed vivid.  His older brother and sister (the St. Bernards) didn't cry all night when they were little, as they had each other....  Last night we called a truce.  Scott slept on the couch a few feet from Kip's cage... and Kip didn't squeal like a wounded piglet, just a soft wimper from time to time.  I slept, all snug in my bed... it was "a good thing",  Martha Stewart would have been proud.  I was starting to drool and walk around in a fog, not too cool when you work with tiny little numbers all day, not mention the driving a car to get to them.  Too many days of not enough sleep makes for a CRANKY Mum... noone wants that.

People say, "Isn't he just about snack size for a St Bernard?  Well, I guess since he fits so perfectly into there dishes, I suppose he could be! Luckily, everyone here is adjusting to the little imp, mostly taking it in stide  and is good natured about it. Let's face it, a new family member coming home around here is hardly a new concept.  

Alice doesn't seem to mind sharing her spot of floor with him....
As much as I was not really "down" with gettting a third dog right now... he is pretty darn cute.
It's fun to watch the little wheels turning in his tiny head as he slowly learns about us, and what we do. He's been walking like a trooper.... running on those tiny legs; until  you add a leash.  The brakes go on immediately, puppies resent leashes... and collars.  They seem to find them very distasteful.
That funny husband of mine had me laughing again last night. 
He said, "make sure you hold the leash out to the side between your finger and thumb; and you hold it like you are holding a butterfly by the scruff of its neck"... I"m still chuckling.  Can  you just see me now? 
Oh good grief.
I have to get dinner.... i'm sure you can smell if burning around the world...
p.s. ~ the little ball of fluff is sleep under my feet as i type.....  can i get an Awwwwwwwww?


  1. Awwwwwwwwww ... ;-) ... He is cute indeed ... and soooo small .... Even the cats could mistake him for a mouse ... Doesn't his size make you want to protect him even more against the big bad world ... even more than a normal sized puppy? You can keep him in your pocket at work, no one would know.
    Lovely Mel ... Awwwwwwwwww

  2. Awwwwwwwwww:))) He IS beyond adorable, like a mini German Shepard! He sleeps in Ava/Marley's bowl?? How brave of him! You have a heart of gold... that is why so many pets call your houme their own.Or is it the other way around:)?

  3. Awwwwwww...
    He is gorgeous!
    You are right that the human brain is programmed to forget puppyhood. It is no different than having children. If you truly remembered it, the world would become very underpopulated very quickly. *laugh*
    I for one do not believe that little dogs must become yippy little buggers. I know quite a few people with tiny dogs and the ones that stopped the dog from yipping every time they started, have dogs that are really enjoyable to be around. The ones that found it so cute... have yappy dogs. It's really not so cute anymore.
    I am sure in time you will be able to sleep normally again. Enjoy the little cutie!

  4. your long lost green jacket buddySaturday, October 02, 2010

    i am quite fond of song #6 in your playlist. it's our wedding song!♥

  5. I'm thinking we could have our own movie, "Honey I shrunk the German Shepard"... :))) It will be very interesting to see who he grows up to be!