Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crafty Sunday

A bit of a chill has settled upon us this weekend... not bad; but I was more than happy to have my hat on today for our walks...  As I type there is chicken roasting in the oven and a fire crackling in the fire place.  The very next thing i will do is snuggle into some pajamas and prepare for some couch nestling.

As you can see Jack Rat is ready for winter!

In the mean time, I though it only right to share my wee bit of craftiness with you.  It's  not easy here, I have to share the kitchen table, and when it's dinner time ~ I have to repack all my artistic accouterments back up and get out of the way! 

I'm making a snow bunny scene... this is the beginning.
It's inside of a sStyrofoam cooler that someone was throwing away  ~ I am "recycling" it! :))

This is one of the players, picture him on a sled.
Just in case you thought I was kidding about sharing the table....

This is the background painted in...
Work in progress...

The funny little heads from a previous post.

Are you getting the idea now? Stay tuned... there's more to come!

Dessert anyone?


  1. your new picture is of a chicken and then your post says "there is a chicken roasting in the oven" in the same?? jack rat looks a lot like one of your clay creations before firing...♥ LOVE the little winter scene, and is that dessert made from yummy goodness or clay? either way i think i might steal a bite! happy turkey day to y'all wareham-ites ♥♥

  2. Where did my comment disappear?
    I was saying: the winter scene is amazing! I can't wait to see it finished! The good thing is you can put it away for next year:)

  3. Wahahahahahah ... So there is a Cardigan Rat now? :-)))))) Purple looks great on him.
    The bunny scene is lovely. Can I join them?
    The space you have on the table is even less than I imagined. You certainly did not exaggerate. I shall never complain anymore about my space ... ;-)

  4. Well that shows that we humans are so soft about animals, the rat jumper is great. I have seen dogs with jumpers and coats but this really is a first, love it.

  5. Hmmmmm, good point about the photo and dinner... no ~ not the same chicken. That's Frannie, the live chicken! (free gift from out Goat Sitter Lady)... I think Jack (Cardigan Rat) likes his sweater/jumper! The purple is such a nice contrast to his coloring (or lack thereof) ~ really brings out his eyes! The desserts are NOT yummy goodness, but I'm delighted you had to ask!! If I can find a corner of table in the coming days, i'll do my best to finish the scene so we can ALL frolick in the snow together! :))) The cooler came with a lid too, so I can put it on and pack it away when i'm done watching the bunnies! :)