Monday, November 1, 2010

A "crisp" Autumn day.

O.K. so who gets to define what "crisp" is anyway?  Snow on Halloween, it must be like a gift for the hobgoblins in honor of their special day! 

I've never been known to turn down a good walk in the snow, so you can only imagine my delight upon looking out the window to find gigantic snowflakes falling from the heavens!!

How's that for an attractive photo? EEEkkkk!!!

Brrrrr cold little apple.

I love this... :)

When i wasn't out frolicking in the snow... i was creating odd little heads on pins.
(instructions are in Arful Blogging magazine if you want to play too!)

What's that little bunny?  You want to go out and paly in the snow?  Well alright then ~ if you insist!  :)))))))


  1. Aaaawwww, snow!!!!!!! You lucky girl! The apple picture is simply beautiful! How did Kip like his first snow?

  2. Kip was no where near as impressed as the Big Kids.... I think he said, "IT'S COLD DOWN HERE!" His hair "goes flat" when it gets all wet, just like mine! ~ oh goodness, they say you can start to look like your dog... that look will go nicely with my double chin!! :)))AGGHH!

  3. The first picture is also nice ... snow covering the colours of autumn ...
    You look happy with all your winter clothes on ... but one thing: just stick to looking like Kip, please don't act like him ;-)

  4. I promise I will only pee in appropriate places, and never on the boss! :))))))) HA HA HA HAAAA

  5. Snow already! My first thought was "Fab!" My second thought was along the lines of "Should we light the woodburner tonight" because I started to feel the chills just from looking at the photos!
    Perhaps little Kip needs a sweater - perhaps you should start those knitting lessons after all???!!!
    (I didn't show my boys the photos 'cos they'd only be jealous and Max is already a frustrated and bored hooligan giving me a hard time because he can't go out to play. After his op, his currently bandaged leg MUST rest - how do you explain that to a dog?)
    Great photos though.

  6. I loved all the pictures but your last one with the bunny I am assuming you made??? is gorgeous!
    Did any of that snow stick or is it all melted now?

  7. The snow all melted within hours... It does make you long to sit beside a warm woodstove and hold a hot mug of tea and eat cookies though. ;))) Yes, I made the bunny... he wanted to see out, so I let him sit on the window sash to take in the view. :) I can't seem to stop making bunnies? Must be why they say "multiplying like rabbits? :)
    I would suggest explaining to the dog he needs to rest in much the same tone of voice as talking to a "husband" type guy... Like you are wasting your breath, but feel obligated to say it anwyay! :))))) ha ha ha

  8. Melody thank you for visiting my blog :)
    i am so glad you did, since i do love your drawings and creations!

    i must read more your blog later...


  9. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! This is a great experience too. Love the background photo and your cold apple. I really hope we dont have snow. I have way to much to do in the garden yet!

  10. Hi Melody,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your follow made me look you up. So glad I did! I love your quirky sense of humor, your writing, your art. It is fresh and charming and very much reflects the love you have for the artists you have listed...yet it is all you and nobody else.

    Let's stay in touch!

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island