Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow Bunnies have arrived!!!

So here it is.... they may decorate for Christmas later, but for now they are just too busy playing in the snow and roasting their carrots on a open fire! (rabbits don't eat chestnuts right?)
See how fabulous a slightly used styrofoam cooler can be?
Recyle Reuse right???
A little closer now....

Who doesn't love sledding?
Lucky bunny camping out in the snow!

Roasting carrots on a open fire, jack frost nipping at his nose!

Ready for take off!
There's carrot cake for later... if the little mouse doesn't get it first...


  1. Ahhhh, wow ... this is sooo cute. I want to join them ... I want to go inside the little house, it looks so cosy and warm there. You have done a great job Mel ... I bow for you ;-)

  2. You did an AWESOME job!!! You are so creative Melody. Is this the answer to "What did you do for the weekend?"

  3. Melody i loooove this bunny house!!! <3 you are so talented. i wish i could live in that little cottage and have a bunnies as my friends and sip a tea with them now and then :)

  4. Yes, this IS what I did for the weekend... this and working on some Christmas art...but you'll have to wait a bit longer to see that!
    Any times you ladies want to come by for "tea with the bunnies" we can pull up some chairs in front of the cooler and have a big mug! (at least until someone figures our how to shrink us down to fit in the house! :)))))