Friday, February 18, 2011

Life's little annoyances...

Usually we tend to wax poetic about all that we love and hold dear… but, it came up the other day that surely there were things that rubbed me the wrong way, and got under my skin; so why not mix it up a little and share the less loved side ~ the things I DON”T like!
So, without further adieu, and in no particular order, let’s see what I don’t like.

People who are fake and impressed with themselves… not to mention their cars, jewelery, etc.

Having to put my wet, sandy feet into shoes *eeeewww*

Hot Tuna (like tuna casserole).

Hot Dogs (I won’t creep you out with all the reasons why)

Leeches (both the slimy ones found in water and the human kind)

Mosquitoes, gnats, black flies and other blood sucking insects

Change ~ I function better with a predictable routine; and if it ain’t broke I don’t want to fix it!

Being in a hurry

Bugs touching me (dead or alive) As long as they don’t touch me, I’m fine with them.


Team Sports

Loud noises

Scary movies (life can be scary enough, why add to it?)

Motorcycles (some of them are pretty to look at, but that’s it.)

Misplacing things (it keeps me awake at night!)

Flying (just not ever quite relaxed up there…)

Slush (the result of it raining when it should be snowing)

Having to repeat myself, repeatedly

Fingernails scraping across a chalkboard…

The sound of metal against metal (like the husband sharpening his scraper blade)
 *GOOSEBUMPS* at the mere thought…

Hot, humid, airless weather

The smell of gasoline, or even worse ~ diesel fuel

Stupid questions
( I know they say there are no stupid questions, but let’s face it ~ that’s just not true.)

Close talkers (people who feel the need to sidle up to you to speak inches from your face; if my hair moves in the breeze from you speaking ~ be assured you are too close!)

I’m sure there are other things, but those are some of the major players.
I’ll leave you in peace now, to contemplate what’s been buggin’ you. 


  1. Hahaha ... thanks for sharing this with us Mel. I must say that I agree with half this list (or more than that). Let's hope that Close Talkers read this list as well. I won't set my hopes on the bugs though.

  2. As promised, i don't like to dissapoint! :)