Sunday, February 27, 2011

Home alone

I went to a baby shower for my cousin today... and this left Scott home alone for a few hours.  He's a big boy, no worries right? I was picturing him vacuuming away... cleaning some animal cages, polishing my tea pots, folding laundry; you know.
This is what was really going on.....

Yes, there is definately a chicken on my kitchen table....

She seems to be quite a hit with the cats... I must check to see if the kitties have all their eyeballs still.
The coordinator of art class.

The goats got into the act too it seems!
Who knew how talented they all are?

Admiring her handy work.

So now you know which print is Marley's.

Ava in green...

This he has titled this "outside the box" ~ which it seems is where we dwell. :)

Missy looks particulary pleased with "art"....

He tells me that all the animals (excluding the fish, as it would clog their gills, and the rabbits as paint makes them angry, and Sqeaky the duck who is missing a few toes from an old frostbite injury and is rather sensitive about her feet) are included in this work of art.  He also would like to state that no animals were harmed in the making of this art.  The paint is non toxic, washable paint intended for children to play with.

I'm thinking of going off for a few hours next weekend.... just to see what happens.


  1. Ha ha ha, this is hilarious. So funny ...
    Returning home in a clean house would have been nice, but be honest ... this is much better ... :-)))))
    Are you going to try to sell the art now? I think the title "outside the box" is perfect. Keep the good work going and give all artists my compliments ... "sigh" ... I wish I had their talent....

  2. Yes, you're right; it is better ! :) You may well have their talent ~ just slather some paint on your feet, and those of your pets and dance about on some canvas, and *presto*, you have "Art"!!!

  3. I agree with Eve! What a pair the 2 of you are:))) The look on Missy's face says it all, though:))

  4. Beautiful, the pictures and story, even while i cannot read english so easy. But all those animals. They are beautiful, sweet and true artists. I have 0ne chicken too, they are lovely too.

  5. Great fun, I hope you congratulated the art class on their work. I have put cat paw prints on my daughters birthday cards, when she was young.
    Posting today, look out for the postman soon.

  6. I told the WHOLE class they did great work; extra special kibble reward for everyone! :))
    I'll keep an eye on the mail box, can't wait! :)