Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On a Wednesday night in February

Yup, just an ordinary Wednesday night in February.  Coming to you from the corner of the kitchen; the pantry light is shining onto my right side, Mumford and Sons playing in the CD drive, husband working on his project behind me on the kitchen table, laundry whirling, dinner simmering... fire crackling in the fire place.
So now that you know where i'm coming from...
I decided to start with a few pages from my sketchbook, some newer, and a couple from back a few pages ~ mostly unseen by the world.  And, if my patience holds out, i'll show you my gnomes and bunny cups too! So let me commence with the photo loading and see if i can wear down my last nerve.... 
This is my imaginary farm stand at Onion Patch Farm (that's Scott disguised as a rabbit).
I suppose this is me diguised as a mouse repotting my terrarium.

This one is done from one of Sandras beautiful photos, she can tell you what i can never remember! I should leave the pen and ink city scapes to the lovely and talented Eve, but i figured what the heck, i'd share it anyway! :)

ideas, some real, some imaginary....

The gnew gnomes, and their rabbit friend. 
Done in paperclay, instead of polymer clay.... just a slight learning curve.

teeny tea cups, because i love the ones that Julie Whitmore  makes, and i wanted to have some for my tiny rabbits!

See how the bunny looks up longingly at the cups?

And some paper clay birds to perch on the twig arms of my snowmen...

So there you have it.... the pictures went pretty well tonight! Yeah. My nerves are even intact!
  I will have to look up the pictures of the roots and stumps... those will need to be scanned in ~ as back in the cave days i didn't put them on CD's ! My good old Minolta X370 would be horrified if it new what i was doing now adays! I'm sure all you ladies would love a stroll down memory right??
and now; I bid you all adieu until we meet again here in Blogland...


  1. i know in my heart that one of these days i will walk into some cute little hallmark type store and see your things for sale. you, of course, will be the millionaire living at onion patch farm or travleing to the little niches of the world...all the while creating your treasures...!

  2. Oh how i hope you are right....

  3. Those sketches are wonderful. Visualize and sketch your future and it will happen ... or so they say. Whether that's true or not ... I am positive it will happen. Onion PatchFarm is going to be reality ;-)

  4. Melody your sketch book is wonderful. Everything I have seen here is so lovely, the tiny cups are beautiful. I guess there is a dream here, just keep working at it.