Sunday, March 27, 2011

Early spring days...

Spring comes in fits and starts to New England... more so the further north  you go I'm sure... The pussy willows are out, some crocuses are blooming and the noses of my day lillies are poking up. On Wednesday evening I was taking a picture of my snowdrops in the back yard, Thursday morning it was snowing softly, making it look like a winter post card... it all melted before the end of the day and was replaced with a chilly wind, and peeks of sun.  I suppose this is why they say if you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a minute.  This is also why I'd never want to live anyplace else.  I like the changes of season, and having something to look forward to... weather it's apple season, spring sprouts, or snow... there's never a dull moment.  I thrive on having something to look forward to.
We had quite a little scare yesterday afternoon... I'd opened the door to the duck's pen (he's got wobbly legs and doesn't walk good ~ a "real" farmer would have eaten him long ago I'm sure, we however just coddle him and keep him safe in a cage.... except when I leave the door open so he can have a walk about the yard...) My mistake.  Scott looked out and started stammering, "what's that?" and the biggest hawk I've even seen was standing a foot from the duck looking in his pen! I went out the door in a flurry, talk about your "sitting duck".... when i got down there he flew into a tree across the street... he'd gotten our duck in the nose! (He's a muscovy, so he has a big red fleshy face/nose about his beak) Other than a hole in  his nose he seems to be o.k.... We then went looking for Fran the little black chicken who'd been out loose with us while we were raking the yard.... we found her hiding under the rabbit cage... Scott saw the hawk sitting in the oak tree behind my car this morning.... *gulp.  He was big... real big.  I think Kippy would be a snack for him.  I will continue with more cheerful things ~ although the story had a happy ending anyway, that IS cheerful I guess.   I can't decide if i want to show you some art or some animals and flowers.... maybe a little of both then?
The Snowdrops.

The witch hazel is blooming too!

The present window sill scape in the early morning light, it's snowing out there.
The oysters being put to work... the lucky bunny found a pearl it seems!
What a nice little house you have!
The beginning of some new drawings...  he's got a firefly in the jar!
 Don't worry, he'll let him go again.
This little mouse found a raspberry.
This is what i saw in my mind after enjoying the comments on Drawing a Line in Time's blog about reading....and the effects it has on one's house keeping. 
I'm making lots of little magnets with bits and pieces of my extra cards!

A sample.
This will eventually become a book mark me thinks!!
The corner in my "studio"..... :)
One of the many book shelves upstairs...
Just in case you ever think YOU are having a bad hair day...

Little crocuses smiling in the sun... with a stray duck feather amongst them.
Well now... this ended up being a bit of a jumble of all sorts of things.... but I guess it's sort of like glimpse into my mind; that's usually a bit of a jumble too... and I forgot to take pictures of a few of the things i wanted to share with you... but i guess that will just guarantee you another post! :)))


  1. Lovely photos Mel. Love your latest art. Do you buy 'loose' magnets and stick your creations to them? Isn't the bookmark a bit fragile like this? what if the bunny's ears tear, or his feet?
    Thanks for sharing ... :-/

  2. The pictures are stuck to little squares of wood (scrabble tiles)and the wood is glued to a loose magnet... The bunny will be secured in the finished version ~ he's actually just laying there on the page in the photo! :)))

  3. I want some of the scrabble tiles with rat pictures on them. I'll pay!!!! :)

  4. Just love your art and pets and jumble! It's so much fun rummaging through your little big world :o)

  5. Ha ha, a "jumble" is the perfect word for our crazy little world! I'm sure organization and sanity are over rated anyway! :))))