Friday, March 11, 2011

England 1998

I was delighted to read the recent post by Robin and the Sage about her upcoming trip to England! It brought back such fond memories, and inspired me to get out my photo album and travel journal and take a little stroll down memory lane... which I will share with you!
Oh how I loved being in England. *sigh*  It was the much dreamed of trip; I suppose I didn't think I'd really ever get there.  Growing up in the "trailerhood", some dreams seem as unlikely as a trip to the moon.  As you will see in the "clip" from my journal, I can go on with my life in peace now ~ as I have walked on the same floor as Beatrix Potter.  She's my hero; or one of them anyway.  I have some really big plans if they ever manage to work out how to "time travel" ~ places to go and people to see; I'll be first into the DeLorean if they are offering rides! (you all saw the movie Back to the Future right?) Of course you did.....

So this is when the journey took place...
My very first English Room with a view; the Star Inn, in Woodstock.
The view.   I could have gazed out that window all day....
I had no idea how big hedgehogs were? This was at the World of Beatrix Potter place, custom made for tourist like me who long to get in touch with our childhood dreams... supersized! :)))
Ahhh, here it is.  Me leaning in the same doorway at Hill Top as Beatrix; does it get any better than this?
The view across the street from Hill Top.... Mmmmmm, England. :)
AHGHGHG!!! A giant in the village; run for your lives!!  O.K., so it was a "model village" in Bourton in theWater...  or Bourton on something....  such complicated names... either way I just LOVED this little mini village!
 I'll spare you the other 2 dozen photos i took of it!

This is from my travel journal... a sketch of the fire place in the converted stable we stayed in...
As you can probably tell, i really enjoyed getting to see Hill Top...
I don't know if you can read it properly, but we were fascinated by the sheep dunking process that was going on.
 I'm sure sheep farmers the world over will laugh at this, but we'd never seen anything quite like it.
 I DON'T think the sheep were laughing though....
This is me and the bunny holes. Again, probably only fascinating to me (surely that's how Scott felt at least) to the rest of England; most likely  a menace to livestocks' ankles and humans' alike...
 (those are stickers of rabbits, they did not actually want to pose for a picture with the silly American girl. :)

This is of course only a small glimpse into my photo album... but my, my how much i enjoyed the visit. 

I don't know if we'll ever go back.... or go any place outside the country again for that matter.  Travel is even scarier to me these days; not to mention how hard it would be to leave behind our furry family.
If we do travel again, it would awfully hard to choose where to go... i have made so many wonderful friends I'd love to meet in person (thru the magic of penpals).... it would surely need to be a world tour!
Only time will tell I guess...


  1. Lovely post! And if you never get the opportunity to visit us again, then at least you have experienced The Cotswolds and The Lake District.

  2. Yes, *check* and *check*.... though i'd go back to the Lake District again in the wink of an eye, awfully pretty there. :))) I'd also head off to Cornwall and Mousehole (for the name alone!)on the next adventure.... and I'd like to go to Wales too... *sigh* so many places... :)

  3. Well, if you are in the UK then you should cross the pond and experience the uglyness of my country. Maybe it's better to see that first and save the best (the UK) for last. This way it's easier to forget about my little stinky country. And ... this way the UK is even a better place to be.
    Anyway ... I love this post. Looking at those pictures I want to go to the UK as well. It's been way too long.

  4. Surely there are pretty spots in your country too! Windmills are very picturesque! And those pretty old buildings you draw ~ those look worthy of some tourism! Perhaps we can meet up in UK one day and admire the scenery together!

  5. Can I come, too?? Just set the date and I will conquer my fear of flying (the UK is so much closer than the States) just to meet with you and Eve.

    I'd love to visit the UK, especially the countryside...sigh...

  6. Now that's an interesting idea! We could rent a farmhouse with lots of bedrooms and stay in the countryside!! Hopefully they'd have some dogs we could borrow for walking with... I really like that idea!

  7. Enjoyed looking through your photographs of the Lakes. You made me laugh with the sheep dipping, it is to get rid of ticks, a tiny insect which can kill them. Loved your drawing of it, sheep noises, Farmer shouting, very English. Rabbit are funny... but nice memories.
    Hopefully Delila will feel the same after her visit.

  8. England and the USA have a lot of connections thru out our histories ~ but we truly live in different worlds, even now! I'm thinking Delila is going to have a WONDERFUL trip; as long as she minds the bunny holes so as to not turn an ankle! :))