Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tempest Knob

We went on a beach walk with the dogs today.... I wanted to find some oyster shells for a little project i have in mind, and Scott wanted the dogs to swim to help with their hot spots that blossom as soon as the first bit of warm weather arrives ~ so it was a win for everyone! Well, with the exception of Kippy who couldn't run, or play or get wet as he just had "surgery" the other day... It was a bit blustery, but with sun shining, not to bad at all! I like the beach better this time of year; there's noone on it! :)))
I chose Tempest Knob for it's proximity to a lot of oyster beds that run along that side of the water near the center of town. It's not a long beach, and it's lined with houses; but it's pretty in it's own little way.

Looking across to the center of town.

We started our walk at the pier at the end.

From a piece of seeweeds perspective....

Kippy toes on the left, Ava toes on the right.

Mussels growing in the beach grass.

I paused for a moments reflection.

We walked down to where the beach goes out of sight.

I love the purple bits of quahog shells...
 The Native Americans called it wampum and used pieces of it for currency, "back in the day" ....
awwwww, baby quahog!
a piece of a conk shell, i like the spirally part!

a mussel, also enjoyed for the purpley parts! (oysters in the background)

There you have it, a nice little March walk on the beach!  I'm glad you could join me! 


  1. i just love reading blogs, since i can travel through the blog writings and photos somewhere faraway! your day on the beach sounded lovely. i have sea very close, but it is quite quiet and i can hardly find any shells. but i still love to go there time to time, admire the beautiful view.

  2. I really enjoyed the calmness of the beach today, smelling the nice salty air... the scenery is beautiful. Did Ava and Marley enjoy their swim?

  3. Thanks for the walk. It was lovely. I prefer the beach without other people around as well.
    The people living in those houses are very lucky to live there ... do you think they want to swap house with me?

  4. I'm so glad you ladies could join me for the walk! When you come to visit, Eve you can knock on their doors and propose your swap! Yes, the big dogs had a great time playing, cold water doesnt' phase them a bit!:)) That's what I love best about blogs, you can see the world, and you don't have to leave your comfy couch!

  5. Well that WAS a delightful walk on the beach, and I am so pleased to meet you! I always wondered what it would be like to live by the seaside, but we have to settle for the little creek that runs alongside our house. Thank you for your visit to my Hollow, I see we share favorite artists and many interests. I am sure I will enjoy your site and I envy your visit to England... (I keep promising myself I will go soon)

  6. Lovely walk and how different your beach to mine. Hope you might draw some of your shells. The seaweed is the same as I can find here but envy your shell collection, gorgeous colours in the mussel shell.
    Amazed how near the houses are to the water. Nice to see your part of the world.

  7. Maybe next time we'll go for a walk on a beach in Maine for comparison! Each beach is a little different, some rocky, some sandy and different areas offer up different sorts of shells and beach glass... I'll save an extra pretty mussel shell for you Milly! Hmmm, maybe i should try drawing my shells... never been so good with things looking "real" though. :)))
    Yes Jeri, you SHOULD visit England, it's really beautiful there!!