Friday, June 17, 2011


The days are ticking away.....  just about 3 weeks to the Swan Festival.  It's starting to crowd my every thought...  I realize it's not a major trade show and that Hallmark is not scouting for new artists at it... but it is still quite an undertaking for those of us who haven't done this before. 
My mind wants to make my Imaginary Store fit under a 10 x 10 tent, and create magic... Meanwhile, my logical side knows this is not the time or place for it.
I admit I am starting to get a little stressed.... and the Husband is busy playing with his new pony when I want him to finish (or start in some cases) the items he will have for sale....  This only bothers me of course.  He brushes of my concerns and tells me about the cool thing the pony did.  *sigh.  Those of us who don't function well in a panic at the last minute can't grasp this devil may care attitude.  He says he does better under pressure; perhaps I'm not apply enough pressure.  hmmmm.   Perhaps a nice vise is in order.

                                                Ooooooo, just look at our stunning selves!!!


  1. I see the smiles on the face of the bald people :)) as a good sign:)

  2. he he, I hope you're right about the good sign!
    Some of my best work huh? The bodyless bald folk.
    I'm bringing a four leaf clover for luck, in honor on The Grampy ~ The Original Finder of 4-Leaf clovers! :))))

  3. May I enter the tent of the Bald Smileys please? I can tell from a distance that it's you ... amazing how you can do this with just a few lines ... ;-)

    Again I can't post a comment with my own account so it's anonymous again ...

  4. The beauty of the www is that whilst on the other side of the world I can see where you will be in 3 weeks time!! Cool sketch...although I do imagine you with a little more hair...unless you have had it cut since you profile pics! I used to work better under pressure but now that I am older I seem to need a bit more time...
    Looking forward to seeing your imaginary store become a reality.
    Ali x

  5. the concept of 'rain date' not sure I've heard of that before...probably as if it had rained one it would rain both days here!! ;-)

  6. Melody, if what you sell is even half as wonderful as what I have seen you and your husband create so far, your stall will be a HUGE success! I can't wait to hear how you did and I hope the nerves will make way for a really fun day once you are there.
    And some advice from my grandfather (a very well known businessman in his day)... "A bright smile and an ear that listens is enough to sell ice to penguins." *laugh* Silly but true! :)

  7. O.K., I"m taking notes...look happy and listen. Got it. :)))))
    I'll most certainly give you a peek at tent and it's products! Stay tuned!! :)
    You do have to love the magic of the www.!! Makes the huge wide world seem just a wee bit smaller and more personal! :))