Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As June draws to a close...

Wow, so where did June go? 
This means we are that much closer to July 9th right?
We have been amping up production in the workshop and dutifully putting our collective noses to the grindstone.
This is one of my decoupaged bottles...
The bottles are recycled (actually dug up from our back yard when we were doing construction on our house a few years ago ~ presumably from a time when people were still burning and burying their trash in their yard), cleaned, and then covered in colorful tissues and then snippets of my art as well as reproductions of my Grandmother's old letters, and postcards. 
Next we have a mirror, painted, then decoupaged with a selection of my rabbit drawings, and some hand painted vines added... 
This in one of my little clay creations.  I made the mushrooms and the mouse from polymer clay, the husband gets credit for cutting out the wooden circle base.... and my Mum gets credit for eating all the sugar free jam and saving the empty jars for me!  (jar sets down over the scene, thus keeping it dust free!)
More little clay friends ~ the snail has a real shell from a periwinkle, and the rabbit is growing a pepper plant!
  A tiny clay gourd, that my mouse friend has turned into a little home.  Some moss and glass beads for decoration. This is hung on a piece of black cord and can be a necklace, or just a decoration???
Here we have some of the necklaces featuring Scott's carved wooden hearts, and dog bones.  Some earrings also along the top row.  Some are beaded, some just on black cord. 
This is what the little jars look like closed up.  Inside is a little rabbit offering his mouse friend a flower! :))

This is just a sample of our wares of course... There will be cards, and book marks and pretty little wooden boxes, and letter openers.... and some magnets too. 
Should be interesting. 
Can someone pester me until I REALLY do figure it out and open an Etsy shop???
Meanwhile, in the midst of all the crafting... we are getting to know our newest family member Cricket the Wonder Pony (who for technical purpose is actually a miniature horse).... We are learning to walk three dogs and horse at the same time, it's been interesting to say the least. 
The gardens (that weren't dug up for the corral) are blooming nicely.  This rose belonged to my great Grandmother, it was given to her as a Mother's Day gift back in the early 1940's.  The rose bush, and the Grandmother are/were named Agnes.  We dug it up and took it with us when my Mum sold my Grandparents home a few years ago. 
If we move again one day, she will again be coming with us. 
This is just a happy little pansy, cuz it makes me smile.  :)))))
This is the last thing my poor peony saw.... before it.. *gulp* disappeared.
Or perhaps it was this.....
Look at him,  he looks sort of pleased with himself doesn't he?
I think he's smirking.

So there you have it.  That's where we stand at the moment.
Stay tuned,  you just never know what's next.
Signing out from The Funny Farm.
(You don't have to be crazy to live here, but it helps.)


  1. Don't know what's wrong with blogspot but I can't comment with my own account anymore. Therefor it's anonymous again.

    I love this post Mel. Your art is wonderful with all the tiny details. I am impressed.
    And yes, Cricket is smirking. What would you do after eating all those pretty flowers? :-)))
    Eve ;-)

  2. Mel, I don't even know where to begin, I just know I am sorry I wont' be at the fair!! Your art is beautiful and it will be a huge success, I am sure of it. If I could be at the fair, I'd buy the first necklace, and the second (with blue beeds),and the other one with the bone, the last one... the earrings... I am taking them all (love the tags, too!!!). The picture of the two of you...well, 6 of you, is like from a magazine of happy living. I am so looking forward to seeing more of your work and to hear how the fair went :)

  3. Forgot to ask.. any cat's paws pendants?

  4. You have been busy and looks like you will have a great stall. It is about enjoying the day,meeting people and who knows what will happen.
    Good luck Melody, next project your Etsy shop, of course you can do it. X

  5. You have some lovely things going on there. I've been having trouble posting comments, it just won't do it on my little netbook thing. Keep up the good work, I love the mirror and the teeny tiny creatures. Earrings oooh lovely, and the horse :) you are funny, in the very best way! Keep it all going, and good luck with it all, Julie Clay X

  6. What a packed post! Beautiful blooms and Cricket certainly is a character!
    Melody I love all your creations! They look amazing and then I realised that some of them are sooooo small making them even more impressive! At first I thought it was Cricket reflected in the mirror...!!
    Your mousey friends remind me so much of some in my collection...perhaps I should get them out of hibernation for a blog post sometime!
    .....Etsy shop sounds cool!!
    Ali x

  7. Ali, I would LOVE to see your mouse collection!! So happy you come by to "look around" our funny little world !! :)))))