Monday, March 26, 2012

March Update....

I'd have blogged sooner, but i was doing laundry with the cat.... Alice is the official laundrycat... she appears from no where when there is soft, still warm clothing about.  Best if you lay on top of the pile and can smoosh is down a bit, and so what if some falls on the floor.....
Of course a good nap on the couch in the blankets is not to be scoffed at.
I seem to feel quite often that I'm being watched... Sitting on the couch and i lean my head back, and look who is looking down on me.... In fact she's sitting right beside my left arm now....watching me type. Odd, because if you were to ask her, she claims to be rathered annoyed with me most of the time.
Couple weekends ago... we got up North.  Had to find some snow for the dogs before all hope for snow was lost.  I think they were pleased. I know I was. 
Ave, Me and Marley
Kippy is no fool, when it's cold you cuddle with your big furry sister on the cushy bed.
Our wonderful neighbor knew we were coming and left homemade donuts for us!
Back at home, last we was sunny and oddly warm... Squeaky is soaking up some March rays.
This is the industrious Hubby and his assistant.  Fran the chicken is quality control inspector for all dirt related projects. She, ummmm, "counts" the worms to verify the soil is aerated properly... and if they aren't doing their job to her satisfaction, well... you can figure that out on your own.
Oh, and I should mention ~ he's working on the ground work for my GREENHOUSE! Yeahhhhh!!!
So you are wondering if anything crafty has been going on? Kinda, in between cleaning out garden beds.  I decided to finish up the last of the very expensive "silver art clay" I got (last year?)... You can see the results below. 
That's an impression of a real four leave clover (from my collection)... I think it would have worked better if it was fresh and green, but dried worked well enough for me.
Pretty cool huh?
This is a tiny little cup.... but I rather like it!

This is Sophie and Rhubarb on this side of this cup.
This is the collection so far.

And while I was making some beads (not pictured) I had to make a bunny... just cuz.
And that's about the size of the news tonight.
Stay tuned, you never know what's next with the Scatter Brain Crafter....


  1. Wow, I am impressed Mel. Impressed by the results of your craftiness, impressed by the lovely photos and impressed by the greenhouse project ... the waiting for this post was worthwhile :-)

  2. I love your bunny he/she looks all soft and squishy.
    Loving your paintings on the cups!!

    :-} Lorraine

    1. Can't seem to be able to leave a comment of my own... I cannot decide which picture I like best! Cats are known to be so helpful with house chores - they should almost be paid for all they do:) Keeping an eye on us is part of their tasks... you know that. Chicken keep the worms in line, cats keep us. I bet you all loved to find some patches of snow even though I can see it wasn't that cold? Your Hubby is so sweet to work the land with his own hands for you. The clover impression is magnificent! And the cups, oh the cups... such a beautiful collection!

  3. Wow, there's me thinking you've retired....some lovely work going on there Mel. The clover and the heart look lovely, Cups look so enticing too, when's your next fair, you will do well! Greenhouse sounds VERY exciting, I'd love one. My Dad had a fab greenhouse, with a toad in residence, I always loved it in there! Love those pooches! :)

  4. Wow Melody you have had a busy March! Love all your photos - glad you found some snow for you all to frolic in...and that curled up ball of fluff that is Kippy is great!
    Your greenhouse sounds exciting (as do the workers!) ... more to grow, explore and illustrate!
    Sophie and Rhubarb are sooo fab! Cool to find a four leaf clover and to preserve it in silver! Just cuz bunny looks fab...looking forward to seeing his fur?!!
    Liking your new look too!
    Happy Spring
    Ali xx (are you being watched?!!)

  5. What is the point of putting "reply" beneath each comment, if nothing happens when you click on it? Strange....
    I thank all you ladies for your kind words! I am really looking forward to my greenhouse! And it really will be rather "green" ~ mostly made from windows saved from the landfill by hubby from jobs with "window replacements"! Keeping it warm in winter will be another whole can of worms... Maybe the chicken can help? I will have to look into getting a "toad"... I like the idea. :))
    The paper clay bunny does look "soft" ~ like linen or something... I wonder about giving him some real fur since all the "real" bunny are shedding!?? Not sure how it would look glued on though? It will be interesting to see if there is any interest in the cups at the fair. Most of them are in the summer (jul/aug)...
    and yes, always being watched. :))))

  6. Hope you had a nice Easter. I guess you are busy or there would be a fabulous display with bunnies and other Melody creatures. The mugs are looking good, the tiny one is very cute and your designs all look so nice together in your display. The silver is gorgeous pressing a four leaf clover for decoration works beautifully.