Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Supposed to be a Sunday Evening Post...

This was supposed to be "The Sunday Evening Post"... like a Norman Rockwellian play on words... 
but alas, I ran out of steam on Sunday night to get it done, still kinda amuses me though.
  Any way, here I am on "Leap Day" instead! 

This is my Grandfather's wheel barrow, parked next to Hazel (the Witchazel tree), who as you can see is blooming nicely! It was brought out for a photo shoot (for upcoming art), it doesn't normally sit outside. 
One day, it will be a display in my "real" store...
Of course that has nothing to do with the mugs.....
These are the next two who got baked! (so to speak).
I must confess, I do rather love the tree hugger bunny...
My cats on the other hand need some practice!
There she is up close...
Good advise, unless it's a cactus...or a particularly prickly conifer...
Prrrrrrr... prrrrr....
Plain white pottery shard you don't know what to do with? (you all have that problem, right?)
 No problem.  Just dress it up a bit!

Speaking of pottey bits....
We had a REALLY low tide over the weekend, it went WAAAYY out... and it never seemed to come all the way in?
The fun part of this extra long exposure is that the mud contains treasures!
O.K., t reasure to me.... trash to some.

I think it's just the neatest stuff!

After the pottery painting, I moved in by the fireplace to do some drawing.  Drawing, when I am not needed for scratching a giant furry tummy that is.

Sure, peek over my shoulder....

Late Sundy afternoon, everyone was out in the yard with us while I cleaned and Husband Guy carried heavy bales of hay around. 
He looked over and said, you should get a picture of that. 
 Ava , White Chicken and Kippy; were just kinda hanging out there.... as soon as I moved towards the door, the "hen party" was over.... So this is my "photo",  to capture the moment in time.

It was a fun weekend... though they are never long enough.

I have one final question....
Do you ever feel like you are being watched?
Sometimes you REALLY are.....


  1. Oh, I so love how your home looks, so cosy and warm and inviting. Those mugs are absolutely magnificent, I, too, like the tree hugging bunny very much, it so funny but sweet at the same time. I think you are going to be quite the success on the next fair.
    So... you are a lefty... I probably had that piece of information somewhere but it took me by surprise:)

    1. I suppose you can't usually see what hand I write with... never really thought about that?..:)))
      It is cosy at home, especially nestled up to the fire! I will have to make another bunny mug... I modeled this bunny after Sophie rabbit!:))

  2. Looks like a nice relaxing weekend. I love the treasure...oooh so fascinating, to think where it may have come from? The blue glass is lovely. You make a good tummy tickler, that's a real lovely fireplace! The mugs look good, I'm sure they'll do well, like the tree hug bunny :)

  3. I do always wonder who the clumsy one was who kept breaking all the dishes and chucking them in the river! ha ha !!!

  4. What can I say? Again it's a lovely post with great pictures. Love the last one ;-))))
    Do you already know what you are going to do with your treasure?
    The mugs and pottery shard are lovely. You do get the hang of it, don't you?
    Glad you were able to draw the hen party, so you can share this with us ... animals never wait for us humans to take a photo, do they? The moment they see the camera they spoil the scenery. ;-)

  5. Love your mugs! Tree hugger looks soooo ecstatically cool ! How fab to be able to 'capture the moment' as it hangs in your mind. The weathered and washed treasure is fantastic...ooh the possibilities!! ;-)
    Ali x

  6. An amazing wheel barrow, that is a real treasure. Loved pouring over the photograph of all your pottery and glass treasures. I nearly did a post about all mine, keep meaning to.
    Your mugs are gorgeous, loved seeing them all, you have been busy.
    And enjoyed looking over your shoulder, seeing you drawing with your left hand.
    I went on a bookbinding course last Friday, made two books....this could be another craft I want to explore, like I need another craft to fill my days. Great feeling making a gorgeous handmade book, now there is a new one for you to try! millyx

    1. I HAVE thought of making books... I even have a few of the supplies on hand, just in case a free moment turns up when i can have a go at just one more craft. :)))))
      I will be waiting for your post on your pottery bits... *tap*tap*tap goes my toes, waiting. :))

  7. Hopefully next time, just for you, will gather them all together then you can see my pottery finds. And try and find time to draw some too. I will post my book too, now I will have to get myself organised!!

  8. Love the mugs and what a great idea for the pottery shards. :)

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