Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We popped up North for a long weekend.... and while we didn't get a lot accomplished that will keep a certain little farm house from collapsing into its own cellar hole ~ we did have a little fun!  Since I seem to have misplaced my ability to relax, I gladly accept all offers to go for rides in the country, eat food that is bad for you, shop a bit, and well I'm a sucker for "horsey events"!
Are you ready?  ~ O.K. then, off we go.
Belle and I off on a little stroll, she was kind enough to refrain from smashing her head into me the whole walk!
I feel so honored.
Mmmmmmm, fresh raspberry leaves! Yummy!

Cricket has no problem relaxing.... I should take notes.

I did indulge in a little craftyness.

I finished coloring Cricket and his friends.

I've got my little helpers nearby....

Don't worry, Marley wasn't far away....

These actually photographed larger than life... little mice with only their Gesso coating on...
 Does that make them naked?? "Eeek, maybe you should look away??
Teeny and adorable little vases! (from the wee bit of shopping)

I also got this really neat jug!

They came from here!!
If you are ever in Thorndike, Maine ! You should stop in and browse around, it's an amazing mix of  Stuff of all sorts, and she also does Letter Press Printing on an antique press on the side!

We went to the first annual Horse and Ox Pull in Knox, ME
That's a hot dog for those of you who don't live in Maine and don't understand why it's flourescent pink. Well, we don't understand why they are pink either.... but for some reason when in Maine they are.
For the record, that's his lunch ~ hot dogs gross me out.   I had a grilled cheese and french fries!!
  No, not healthy, but as least I know what they are made of!

Huge, beautiful horses!

Such lovely gentle faces.

They are pulling about 5,000 pounds!

They need heavy equipment to pull the blocks back to the start for the next set of horses!!

They had ribbons to give to the ones who pulled the furthest...

Their horse shoes have "cleats" for traction!
His hoof is about the size of a dinner plate!

They are just enormous!

People look like little pip sqeaks next to them!

Look at that sky! I LOVE it!

Kippy has recently discovered he CAN swim!
Note how you keep your tail out of the water....

Indian Pipe that I found grow up by the pond... mysterious fungi.
That's it for the most recent adventure.... the sun is going down this Tuesday night.
We had another passing thunderstorm, so the garden has been watered...
Next it's on to the dinner getting.


  1. What a great pictures Mel. Love those little vases, so cute.
    Your craft-corner makes me want to sit there and be extremely crafty.
    Those horses are huge. I was wondering if the people were a bit short maybe, but even if you add one ft to a person those horses are still huge.
    To me it sounds as if you had a swell weekend. And don't worry about the farm, you know where to find the pieces if it's gone next time you go there (in the cellar). :-)

  2. Ha ha, yes ~ I suppose that's very true, the pieces won't be far.... Comforting on some strange level... :))))

  3. I like the peak in at your work space, love the dogs sleeping in there. My workroom is upstairs and the dog is not too keen on coming up. Those horses are amazing, huge. I love the little vases and your little meeces, cute! :)

  4. Fab photos Melody...you do seem busy trying to relax! Loooove your coloured illustration - with the bright blue door! Meeces are cute too.
    Those horses are humungous and one wierd fungi formation..quite eerie!
    Kippy's tail in water evasion is sooo cool!
    Hope your ability to relax returns soon...we all need a bit of time out now and again!
    Ali x

  5. Ha ha, I think you hit the nail on the head ~ I'm "BUSY trying to relax".... now I see the problem! :))))))

  6. What nice photography! I have to say I am a huge fan of the little mice!

  7. Just enjoyed catching up on your posts. Hope all is well and you have managed to relax in between all your jobs. I see you now have a celebrity in the family, cricket well done . Lovely painting of him too.
    I was jealous of your raspberry crop. Your garden and vegetables looked really good, the results of your hard work. My dad always grew hollyhocks, majestic flowers and look gorgeous in your garden.
    Have a good weekend. Millyx

  8. Well you have been busy haven't you! Glad to see you are living life and having fun! Can hardly see whats next!


  9. Just spending a relaxed Sunday morning browsing through your old posts, just lovely. Oh how I miss being surrounded by animals, they are so grounding and bring so much joy.
    But what has really caught my eye is this Indian PIpe plant....absolutely fascinating!!.. I've never seen any thing like it..... the stuff of faery tales. Nature is so amazing!!!

  10. So happy you came by for leisurely look around! (I've gone thru all your previous posts as well, to admire your amazing art!) :))
    Feel free to drop in any time you need to be surrounded by animals ~ plop down on the couch and surrounded you shall be! (don't wear black clothes)...
    I looked up the Indian Pipe just now, it's not a fungus as I called it...it's a parasite! Eek! I totally agree, Nature IS amazing!
    Neat website with info on the pipes below...

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