Monday, July 16, 2012

Rain Sweet Rain....

Ahhhh, a few drops of rain at last......
And a wee bit of art in progress....


  1. You are so creative, I love your at work!

  2. Yay! Cool swap - you have some of the wet stuff and we have a glimpse of sunshine!
    Love the birdy with the dripping beak! Reminds me of Gonzo!
    LOVE the art in progress Melody- so much to spot... can't wait to see the hollyhocks in full blooming colour - what an inspirational outdoors you have!
    Hope you enjoy the fresher air!
    Ali x

  3. I am glad you like our (European) rain. We surely appreciate your (American) sunshine ... although it's already a bit too hot for me. But hey, I am Dutch, it's in my blood to complain about the weather. ;-)
    The birdy is lovely, the look on its eyes :-)))
    Does the sign not to eat the daisies help?