Friday, July 13, 2012

I think we can safely say that Summer has gotten well underway.  While all my favorite Bloggers in England are wondering when the rain will stop ~ we are starting to wonder when it may fall again?  We live on a dirt road and when the neighbors drive by it sends up quite a cloud , and looks like "The Great Dust Bowl" out there! *cough* gag*  I've got fingers crossed we get a few drops soon!!
In other news~
My Holly Hock really did bloom ~ so that's pretty exciting!

We harvested enough peas to have with dinner a couple times!

We've had bunches of raspberries, and lots of strawberries this year; more than we've ever had out there!

And, we just sampled our first fresh broccoli, I've never grown it before ~ it was down right tastey. 
Sorry, no picture... we ate the evidence. 
There's been an unfortunate incident in the Shasta Daisy patch.  It seems a certain little horse has discovered that if he hooks his elbows over the top rail of the fence, and then leans way over sideways ~ he can eat the daisies down to little green nubs....
This technique only nips the top off.... got to get your knees up and over to get the succulent bits...
 Despite my repeated scoldings, he thus far shows NO signs of remorse.
I really wish I had something crafty to share with you.... a little drawing?  A little clay mouse?
How about a chipmunk?  I didn't make him.... but he's awfully cute.
But alas, I am without any art or craft to bestow upon your eyeballs.  :((( 
I'll have to find something in my stash of 'projects in progress' (try saying that 5 times fast) and finish it! 
I just need to put in some ear plugs so I can't hear the garden calling to me...  it's like the Siren's Song; if I'm not careful I'll be shipwrecked in the begonias and talking to the plastic garden gnome. 


  1. Looks like Cricket is smiling at you. Is that the effect of the daisies? ;-)
    I love the Holly Hock. It's one of my favorite flowers. Unfortunately most of them disappeared this year. Only one (purple) survived the cold winter.
    So if you don't return in Blogland soon we must look for you sitting between the begonias talking to gnomes? Do we need to worry then?

  2. I'd say the daisies have gone straight to his head....
    Maybe our almost complete lack of winter is what got me one lovely hollyhock?
    And yes ~ I would definately commence worrying at once, just in case! :))))

  3. I have had daisie eaten up as well... but at their baby stage, by Ginger and Fred! NO shame they showed-the same as Cricket:)

    1. They must be a particulary tastey flower? Who'd have thunk?

  4. Love your description of the dust cloud..I can imagine I am close by!
    What a glorious hollyhock!...and plentiful fruit and veg...Cricket has got a cheeky grin there!
    I'm not surprised you are called to the garden...enjoy it while the weather is good! Gnome (g)nattering - interesting concept - could catch on!!
    Ali x

    1. Oooooo, I may have to use that one... "Gnome Gnattering" I'm seeing some "art" there... ha ha
      Mind your eyes when the dust cloud blows your way...

  5. Love the hollyhock, nice colour! and well done with the fruit and veg, I am always very impressed when I get round to eating something I've grown, as I'm not a gardener really, sounds delicious. Cricket is soooo funny, those eyes, Ha Ha, he is quite clever I think :) I have taken to talking to things in the garden, so I could join your gnome chatter sessions too :)

    1. Come on over and chatter with the gnomes any time, just make sure you say Hi to the fairies too, they get prickly when you don't acknowledge them! :)))

  6. Dasies and Hollyhocks are my two favorite flowers. Dasies can't but help make you smile, and hollyhocks such a wonderful old fashioned flower, which in my opinion, a flower garden requirement. Your raspberries look heavenly, I need to head to the berry fields as soon as this heat wave is over! Greetings from Maine, Julie.

    1. The daisies certainly seem to be having a smiley effect on Cricket... :)))))
      Don't wait to long to go berry picking ~ 'Nature' will get them first!