Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where did August go????

Where have I gone off to? 
   I went for a bike ride with Kippy!
O.K.,.. so it wasn't a very long ride and he runs faster than I pedal, and I had to get off and push the bike up the hills because I'm a big sissy, and apparently have less then stellar leg muscles... Had I not spent so much time pushing the bike, I might have gotten back here sooner.
Are you buying the story?
Look, there I am, it must be true!
I have made some wee (as in tiny) attempts at creativity though...
This is my lovely new life size jug shrunken down a bit!
As  you can see by the bottle cap, I wasn't kidding about a little bit of crafting...
The flowers are blooming though, luckily they don't need much from me at this point.
Bees are dutifully doing their job....
Cricket the Wonder Pony has made great strides in his cart pulling lessons!
This is the cart above, that belongs to the "teacher" ~ but it's got really neat jingley things on the back!
Look at that! ~
We also went to the beach.
(We've been out cavorting around the country side on foot, bike and horse-cart...)
This area has a great story....
Nasketucket Bay State Reservation, in Mattapoisett, MA.
A developer bought the farm so to speak....
  It was farm, 209 acres; and a developer bought the land to put in a housing development.
  He got as far as cutting in a gravel road and then went broke? (lucky us.)
The State (of Massachusetts) bought the land and now it's walking/riding trails for everyone to enjoy!
It is an amazing mix of field, woods, and a mile of coast line!
I picture this is what all of the New England coast line used to look like before we humans got involved.
I am so glad that guy went broke, it would have been a shame to ruin such a beautiful spot forever.
Soggy doggy.  :))))
Miss Ava is at her happiest when she's swimming..
Hubby is good at handstands!
Though Ava and Marley are worried for his saftey.
My Mum kept turning this picture upside down, cracking herself up, making it look like he is falling out of the water feet first.... Go ahead, stand on your head, check it out!
Someone as set up a little fire ring and brought some chairs....
A lovely spot to sit and admire the view. (and the crazy handstand people...)
This is what "dog tired" looks like.
Kippy snoozing, wedged into the back of the couch...
Do you mind?
Can't a duck have any privacy while bathing?
Until we meet again (soon) in Blog Land.....
Happy End of August.
Signing off from the East Coast of the USA.


  1. Ha ha ha, great pictures. I love them! ;-)
    The beach looks wonderful. I understand you like being there and that you are happy for the guy to get broke :-)
    You look natural on the bike. You ought to ride it more often and work those muscles out.
    With what did you paint those lovely paintings? With a needle? They are so small, wow.
    Glad you are back in blogland. Hope to see you more often. ;-)

  2. The painting are done with a teeny paintbrush and acrylics ~ a needle is an excellent idea though! :))))) I suppose I could lash a piece of St Bernard hair to a tooth pick too.??
    I'm gonna go run up and down the stairs a few times to prep for my next bike ride now....

  3. Well, it all looks idyllic there if you asked me! I like that Kippy is fit as a fiddle again, love all those doggy photos, they are just gorgeous, so pleased that the developer didn't manage to go ahead, how awful would that have been??!! Like the teeny tiny artworks, you really do tell a good tale Melody. Cricket looks quite splendid with that little carriage, maybe he can earn his keep doing that? Hope you enjoyed August your summer looks good from here, we've had it pouring it down again, but sun is on it's way, fingers crossed!

    1. I wonder if I get Cricket to haul the heavy kibble???

  4. Hi, thank you for following us, just found you! So jealous, you have more pets than us. Have to totally agree about your profile comment of, 'pressing your ear to a purring cat' = bliss! Love that painting of the jar and mouse. Be back soon! Minerva x

    1. So delighted you stopped by! If you want to up your pet count I can send you a selection of ours to test run! Couple of each: rabbits,cats, dogs...
      Hope you come by again!

  5. Glad you're back. I have missed looking at your photos and hearing what you're up to.
    The latest blog is fab, even though it makes me feel very envious. Do I want to swap lives with my Twin across the pond or is it just that the water is always bluer on the other side?!

    1. I am going to try to update more often... hopefully less busy days are ahead! I think the water is always bluer, and the grass is always greener in your Twin's yard across the pond! ha ha ~ but if you want to give it a try, I'm game! Oui? :)))))

  6. ...yep August has just flown by here too although I don't have a bike ride to blame...love the action shot by the way!
    Your petite paintings are positively perfect...so fab! Great to see all your exploits...fab scenery and I can just imagine the jingly bells as cricket trots around!
    Hope you have a happy September...looking forward to seeing what you have been up to!
    Ali x

    1. If I could figure out how to upload a little video here, I could share the jingles with you, as well as Kippy after a bath ~ but it refuses to cooperate!! I am hoping to mend my ways and get back to blogging more!

  7. Hi Melody ~ im finally getting around to catching up, thank you for the follow, lovely to meet you. Hoe adorable is wee Kippy wedged there. I love you tiny canvas paintings, especially the moon gazing hares, they are faves of mine and often appear in my own work too.

    1. I'm glad you dropped by! I love my bunnies (well, I love them all of course). Our animal family provides 99% of my inspiration for art works.
      Hope you visit again! :)))))

  8. You always have great fun with the animals, that is your reward for looking after them all and giving them lots of love. Lovely weather too, fresh air and sunshine , you can not beat it.
    This year has gone so quickly. Glad to see you found time for the cute little paintings. This is such a fun post, thanks for sharing your days with us..........he did get out of the water.....he is not still there doing a handstand is he? Enjoy your weekend xx

  9. I would have had to push the bike up hill as well! I love all the pictures and I can tell your summer was just simply nice. So glad that piece of the beach was preserved for you (and others) to enjoy. We don't appreciate enough what nature has to offer.

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