Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Well, the good news is I did NOT labor today..... the day went nothing like what I'd planned ~ but I can use to live in the moment more often anyway. There are rewards to going with the flow....
We went off to meet our little Cricket's Grandparents...  They were charming, like all Grandparents.
This is Grandma....
The guy on the right who looks a lot like Cricket is his Uncle...
This is Grandpa....
A regal stallion in a diminutive frame....
And this is Trav, a Drum/Shire cross.
He's about 1700 pounds of joy......
And it doesn't happen often, or easily....
But I fell teenage girl in love with an AMAZING guy!
Sweet, gentle, falling asleep when you rub his face all around good fella...
I wanted so badly to settle onto his broad back and read a book while he plodded along the field grazing.... It's a dream of mine to have a big horse with the personality of a dog that I can sit on to read.
I also want to go riding on a snowy day....*double sigh* 
So there you have it.... I didn't accomplish a lot this weekend... but there's a lot of value in hugging a big giant horse face of a perfect September day.
I'll get back to my drawing and crafting soon....  but I had to share my day of horse play!


  1. I'd trade cuddling with a gentle horse for any chore anyday and anytime. They emanate such peace that fills your whole spirit.

    Cricket's family is so beautiful!

  2. That's a nice family Cricket has. Your dream of wanting to sit on a horse's back and read a book sounds a bit peculiar to me, but alas we all have our silly dreams. ;-))) Oh, and do we need to worry? Will there be a big white horse in your back yard soon?

  3. How lovely to go riding on horse back & read! and for a snowy ride, i did one only once and it felt so magical. Hope your wished come true. ;)

  4. Lovely photos and animals! Enjoy your summer sun. x

  5. Wow Melody what an amazing image of you atop a horse steadily plodding, and reading a book...sounds like something out of a romantic film or a Pre-Raphaelite painting!
    My dream - sitting in a wild flower meadow wearing a white floaty dress eating chocolate and reading a book...last time I mentioned this someone pointed out it was remeniscent of a Cadbury's Flake advert...funny what influences our thoughts!
    So pleased you enjoyed something you hadn't planned - we all need some of those moments!
    Ali x