Monday, September 10, 2012

Poof* another weekend has disappeared?

Here I am again.... wondering where the weekend went?
Lets' see if we can figure it out together...
The green goody below was found a few weeks ago hanging on the screen I was using to dry my onions on.
I looked it up, and it's the Pupa for a Monarch Butterfly.
They are suppose to be hanging on milkweed plants, but I guess screening is nice too.
I don't know if you can see it, but it looks like gold thread around the top; and at the bottom are little gold dots... Mother Nature has SO many talents, it's hard to keep track of them all.
Below is Frosty Rabbit...  He is just the sweetest little guy, everyone who visits us wants to take him home.
The answers is NO, you can't have him. 
I got a big bag of little figurines from a friend who has been doing a lot of furniture moving and cleaning out lately... I love little trinkets like that, hours of entertainment!
Pete seems to have taken a liking to the underside of our our cabinet.
What are you doing under there?
He didn't say...
This is what I found when I went out side to feed everyone on Saturday morning!
A lovely butterfly, still sort of wet and wobbly.
It flew away a few hours later.....
I also thought it would be good to test drive a horse....
Cuz I'm just not thinking clearly these days.
His name is "No Trouble at All" and he wasn't ~ he was a great boy.
He was very patient with me, and I thanked him kindly for putting up with me!
The Hubby and Cricket pulling his new cart for the first time around OUR little neighborhood!
(He's only pulled it under his trainer's watchful eye before now...)
Those boys are so smart; how far they have come together!!! :)))
Any a lovely sky to end our Sunday night with....
One day, when I'm done fooling with horses and talking to butterflies; I"ll get back to my craftiness!


  1. Well, a perfect weekend I'd say! I just love the cart and pony. What a fun thing to do. And I do envy you riding. I haven't ridden in a long time. Never did much of it. Never was skilled. But how I love horses. And that butterfly! So cool.

  2. Oh Mel, you're so spoiled for beautiful horses in the US! I really hope you both enjoyed them. I LOVED 'No Trouble At All'

  3. That butterfly is so amazing, nature is just brilliant. I remember as a child, we had chrysallis like these under our window sills outside, my brother would point them out to me. But we don't see them now? Fewer butterflies around really. AND also that little white bunny is just like the one I had as that same child!! So cute.Hope you are having a good late summer there! :)

  4. Wow what a magnificent Monarch Melody...the pupa and the transformation are amazing works of glad you caught the butterfly on camera...knowing me I'd miss the whole event..and just find the empty case!
    Cool collection of trinkets to play with and use as inspiration!
    Fab horse action too...hope you have some more No trouble at all time soon! Love the sunset....just like ones we are getting over here too!
    Ali x

  5. Aye, I missed this post.
    That butterfly, is that the Monarch butterfly?
    The horse is very pretty. I understand why you like him so much. Thank goodness he is not for sale ;-))))
    Wow, the hubby and Cricket are quite a couple. ;-)))) I thought Cricket was a bit bigger than this. He looks so small.
    Tell Pete he has a great bum

  6. That photo of pete is so sweet! Cats are indeed curious. Lovely photos and looks like you have had a splendid time. Minerva x

  7. Wow Cricket is so cute, beat he is a real gentle little soul too. So nice to catch up with you again. Now on to check out what else has been happening around your place enjoy the fall season xxx