Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Huh. What happened to September?

September whizzed right by.....and so I will try to recap for your viewing pleasure!
Here we have Cricket the Wonder Pony taking The Hubby and The Mum for a ride!
Some colorful weeds, next to a bright pinkish raspberry cane!
Perfect little wee daisies!
A love seed head, against a blue September sky....
The Hubby making hay while the sun shines, just like they say to do! (who's they?)
Apples... but you probably figured that out huh?
Another mouse shot out the old hand pump on the well... yup, it really happens!
Another apple, they look good this year!
Yummy Cream Soda! 
You can send your photos to the company, and if they like one, they'll put it on the label of their soda bottles!   (no, that's not my cat....but it looks like Pete P.)  :))))

Apples.... are you seeing a trend? We made turnover that day!  Mmmmmm.  :)))
We visited a friend.... years ago, it was a dairy farm.  Very photogenic still today!
We went to the Common Ground Fair ~ and I got this awesome mug! 
   Hand Made by Wendy Twitchell ~ awesome stuff she makes! 

We went on a Wagon Ride.... that was the team that pulled us! 
A snappy colorful team here....
and another....
and another......
Our team again~ They are owned by Drafty Acres Farm, and we're told they do sleigh rides in the winter!!  (yes, you're right ~ I'm packing up my mittens and scarf now!)
We took stuffed all the dogs in the little car again... this is my lap.
This is the view in the back seat. 
 Yes Hyundai, feel free to contact me about the versatility of your smallest model cars....  :))))
This is a bumble bee napping at dusk on my zinnia......   Zzzzzzzz
Dogs went swimming....
Horses went to the beach..... and I said, "Sit JoJo"...  
and Cricket and Hubby went swimming.....
and Hubby and Cricket went on a cart ride to Onset ~ Horse on the Half Shell anyone?
They're so cute.
I got to go pick them up with the van after their ride... they got ice cream.
  Hmmmm, something seems wrong with that?
Ooops, out of order ~ we're back at the fair.  I got a rug hooking kit here!  Isn't it colorful??
Mmmmmm, cold fresh apple cider!
and it went nicely with our lunch of .... (please see below).
I love it when artists have a good sense of humor....
This was outside the Rabbit barn... a stroller for your bunny! (no, I did not buy a rabbit).  :)))
Ohhhh, and this scrumptious little morsel of muffin ~ Pumpkin Cranberry Muffin.
From Chase's Daily in Belfast, ME ~  Delicious... you should go there if you get the chance! 
And we found this beautiful chair on the sidewalk, so I had a place to sit and partake of my glorious muffin!!   ~ and I did.   :))))

I will really try to get back here sooner with some highlights from October, before it's November!
and p.s. ~~ thank you Willow, for the gentle nudge.  :))))))


  1. Well lookie here what just popped up on my radar .
    Oh so here you are .
    LOOK ~ there is that elusive beautiful bunny mug that no one is allowed to hold but YOu ...and hey look you are holding it in one hand ~ " What the ?? ..." hee hee
    You have a "cat that ate the canary" look in the pic in front of the both at the fair ... hmm was the hubs asking how much money you spent ??
    You sure had lots of fun photos piled in that camera from Sept ... glad you finally shared em :)))))

  2. psst and I love the wee daisies in your hand photo, and hubs making hay while the sun still shines ~ need to be in the Farmers Journal !

  3. I love your bunny mug, and I see the bliss ice cream I work next door to ice cream shop and they sell bliss where in Maine are you. I am in NH and grew up in Maine.
    looks like a busy month for you.

  4. Good to see you back here. I enjoyed your pictures. Question: is that dog hair on your car seat???? ;-)))
    Cool bunny mug you have there, although the bunny looks a bit vicious but that may also be projection from my side. ;-)
    What did you do with the mouse? Set it free I assume. Of course you did...
    Do I need to tell you that you should pop in more often and share some photos with us?

  5. Months fly by sometimes.... I can see you love those horsies, but the pooch leaning over the back seat is just gorgeous! Although Cricket the wonder pony is winning me round, looks like you can take him for a walk, and he can't be much bigger than the BIG dogs??? How do you fit them all in on your travels? Lovely to see your Sept fun :)

  6. Oh melody! What a great post... The love between hubby and Cricket is so clear.. What a beautiful pony, and I LOVE your dogs... It looks like you had a wonderful time at the fair.
    Thanks so much for sharing this. . It was a real treat.

    Oh, and thank you so much for visiting and your kind words.. So happy you enjoyed.

  7. Well I have to say I just enjoyed your beautiful post...love your horsies or should I say ponies....so sweet and we too have a Hyundai...and isn't it amazing what you can cram into them. I especially loved seeing the old diner in Wareham and your photos in Onset....such nice memories of places I love and miss and our favorite place where we live...Maine...you live in the best of both worlds Melody....thanks for sharing all of these wonderful photos.

  8. I love my little car~ :))) I love my two worlds, it's just hard sometimes to straddle between them!
    Next time you come south, you can have lunch at the diner and park your Hyundai next to my pony! ha ha ha :)))))))