Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Anniversary JoJo !!

One year ago today.... we drove to Vermont to pick up JoJo.
The past year has been much like the Tale of Two Cities....
..."it was the best of times, it was the worst of times....."
But we've been over that.
Within weeks of his arrival we had a hurricane/tropical storm, a crazy micro burst...
Winter brought snow, cold and we manage to squeeze in a blizzard even!
Got a new/vintage trailer, and learned how to load ourselves in it...
I've learned to stay up right on a blanket, saddle pad, and finally an actual saddle...
I learned that being nice can sometimes be dangerous.
I've learned that I need about 60 %, not 51% on the horse/rider teamwork scale.
I've learned to stand my ground (more) when pony's are fresh.
I've stopped weeping. (a big plus for my patient husband).
I've learned we ARE a team.
I have learned a lot about friendship.
I could NOT have gotten thru the last year's ups, downs, and early mornings without:
#1.  The Patient Hubby.
#2. The exceptional Friends.
a few for their moral support, occasional hard manual labor and listening skills... and one in particular for her guidance, patience, and encouragement in the world of equines.
(I won't embarrass you girls ~ you know who you are.   )
After some serious "ungardening"... and a lot of help from family and friends.
We borrowed a trailer, and off we went ~ almost to Canada.
When we arrived back home, I was wondering what I had done ~ and mentally exhausted. 
He seemed a little tired too, a long ride when you're standing up.
We had no saddle, so Hubby thought a folded up blanket was the next best thing....
only a little slippery. Not one of his better ideas.
Time marched on... and we got to know each other ~ here he is, learning to appreciate my fashion sense...
I think he likes the hat!
Handsome boy, learning to put up with a camera...

He's waiting for Cricket to come back from a walk...

and now he's just being funny.
Our first outing to the beach after acquiring the Vintage JoJo Jalopy!

Cricket was still warming to his new big Brother.
He met/tasted the shorter members of the family....

Curious about the little people!

It snowed..... and we trotted about the front lawn....
and we attempted to get some learning ~ note the use of the saddle now!
yes, sloppy reins ~ I know.
We're sorta growing on each other...
Read your book where you can see your pony over the top of it....

Bog riding... (camera on FishEye mode, I'm not that crooked)...

Best part is snack time?
What?  No hitching post?
After a happy ride at the horse park...
He makes sunset time look good!
Back at the beach... watching the "swimmers"....
there they go again, swimming off. 
 Some people need a boat to go water skiing, others let their pony tow them...
and here we are last weekend ~ Unleashed! 

It was a GREAT ride!
My awesome "Handler" got to be the camera crew for the day!!
She's a bit camera shy, so I can't show her off!
Looks at us go! 
To the naked eye, we even look like we know what were doing! 
Remember that bridle trail sign last winter!
I'm on horseback now, instead of on foot!
Happy Anniversary lovely boy ~ I know you can't read but,
Your Mummy LOVES  you handsome boy!  :))))
(silly people... talking to horses....)


  1. Happy Anniversary Mel & JoJo!
    Congratulations and well done for not giving up on each other. (I knew it would all end in smiles and cuddles and lifelong friendship).
    So Mel, can you now answer the six million dollar question.....
    Who has more patience, humans or horses???
    I love all the photos and they tell a story in themselves.
    Can't wait to see, and hear about, what you & JoJo will get up to next year!
    Good luck.
    Keep up the good work and the great blog and the fab photos.
    I have been unforgivably remiss with my little literary slimy, shelled representatives this year, I know. But there will be one such ambassador travelling from these shores very, very soon. Honest!

    Worzel x :)

    1. It's a toss up for patience ~ but I'm giving it to the humans. At least when I run out, I handle it better! (I've not once whacked him with my giant head in frustration!) ha ha ha
      Yes, it is mostly good ~ a few hiccups, but everyone you live thru is good right? I think it was reading him that letter aloud that helped us turn a corner! :))))
      I shall keep an eye peeled for slimy single footed ambassador carrying the next issue.... no worries about the time it takes ~ I am the picture of patience! :))))))

  2. Congratulations on your first year together. You've come from far but look at you now... what a difference. You are so much more relaxed sitting on JoJo's back now then you were a year ago. It's all about baby steps, and about learning that a horse neighs.... ;-))))))

    1. Cuz Horses Neigh, and it's O.K. !!! :))))) Can't believe it's been a year... for a lot of things!! You should come back and see our progress in person! :)))))

  3. Whew Whoo ~ who knew ...such equine/human growth in the course of a year in so many ways .
    Ahh a picture tells a thousand words ~ lots of stories in these photos :)))
    Congrats and Happy Anniversary to your partnership Mel and JoJo. Happy Trails !!!!

  4. thank you, thank you very much.... she said sheepishly, taking a small bow..... :)))))

  5. Congratulations Melody & JoJo! You've come so far in just a year... I can't believe it's been a year already! You look so confident on the last photos and JoJo senses that and reflects your attitude. Your hubby is truly the best! I hope you all get to enjoy many more horse rides in the next years!

    1. I am astounded it's been a year, every time I think of it....must be getting old? Time is speeding up on me! Eeek! ha ha :)))) Fingers crossed for still more progress in the years ahead...

  6. Hi Melody,
    Oh how I enjoyed this post! Just look at you two! It looks like you are having such a wonderful time.. Love the photos.

  7. Melody you must give your pets such a lovely home. it must be wonderful walking on the beach with them.
    Sarah x

  8. It's a lot of fun at our house ~ but it's not for everyone! I tell people to bring their sense of humor and don't wear black if you visit!
    It is amazing to watch the horses roll in the sand like oversized dogs, feet in the air!!

  9. Melody what a beautiful post! I grew up always wanting a pony, going to lessons but then grew out of it, now I Really want a horse! Lucky you and happy anniversary to Jo-Jo too. X

  10. Sounds like our growings up were of a similar kind of mind.... of course I quickly found out taking riding lessons 20 years ago, and owning your own are continents apart ~ and that I had a lot of learning to do!