Sunday, March 14, 2010


It has come to my attention yet again, that I love "home".... and all that it represents. The place where our furry, feathery family and my books and slippers.... and my crafty stuff are.  *sigh.
Weekends just aren't long enough. 

I noticed today that i can see my favorite corner of the kitchen, reflected in the bathroom mirror.....

Even my wet hat drying on the tub faucets seemed pretty today.... despite the gray skies and rain.

I spent some time redecorating my mouse hole today; you cant' do that from work.

and later.... when I'm the going up the stairs to bed, and the house is quiet and everyone is nestling in to sleep; I will, as always, gaze up and smile at the warm glow of my "antique" lamp that lights my way.


  1. I love being home as well:) The more the older I get. It's my harbor, my safe place.

    PS: I love the lamp!! What's it story?

  2. I find myself becoming that way also. I used to always be on the go and never liked to relax at home. Now I look forward to the evening when it gets dark outside and the warm lamplight makes it so much cozier.