Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend Adventures!!

So first thing last Saturday morning.... I admit I let myself get into a bit of a funk..... The 'adorable' rabbit that I adopted a few years ago, out of the kindness of my heart.... decided to assualt me (again) complete with growling and flailing feet. I suppose i should have thanked her for not actually biting me this time... but I couldn't muster up the words.... She managed to knock the dish of vegetables i had so lovingly cut up completely out of my hand... carrots and grapes flying thru the air, and all over the ground.  She's ill tempered on a good day... but I insist on try to feed her anyway... silly me.  So I moved on to the ducks, who follow me around begging, instead of eating the food that I've already put on the ground (you have to picture me outside, glasses on, hair in a big ruffle... in my aging fleece robe and slippers....) by the time I went back inside i was grumbling as much as  the rabbit.....   I plunked down on the couch to sip my by then luke warm tea.... and flipped huffily thru a magazine sighing alot..... and then the husband said, "Would you like to go for a drive this morning? - We could be back by afternoon for lunch and gardening...."  I thought that sounded like a really good idea.....  So I traded my robe for some real outdoor clothes and off we went!! 

It was beautiful and sunny and warm and we were heading for Westport, MA - about 25 miles away.  It's a little bit of countryside out there still... farm lands that roll down to the ocean.... quaint old houses.... cows; and this is mixed with an active fishing industry as well.   It almost like being in Maine, but much closer to home.   I've only been out there a few times before, even though it's only a few towns away.  We found a lovely walk to go on. It would seem that the property used to be a farm, and that someone donated the land into preservation, so that people can always enjoy it -- instead of building a big ugly house on it.... It was lovely out there, stone walls in abundance... and way out at the end of the walk must have been where the house once was in a clearing.  There was a little pile of rocks with one small lonely gravestone propped against it.  At least his/her final resting place is pretty and peaceful one...

After our walk, we drove on further to Westport Point, just a beautiful long stretch of antique homes on a road that ends at a fishing pier.  A picture perfect slice of New England.

From there we went to the beach for a quick stop to feed the pups... I of course took the opportunity to get out and play with the camera some more!  You can't ever really take too many picturs can you?  Once back in the van again we turned towards home.... and passed by what appeared to be a little country store.  I was hoping for a little sandwich and drink; but what i found inside was magical piece of history, and an over flowing gift shop!  Imagine my delight? 
 There were no sandwiches... but there was ice cream...and there were the cutest little gnomes!

  I had to have one... I have no self control in the face of adorable little figurines...
Can you stand anymore?  And then we came back home, and cleaned out the vegetable garden wth Sophie the rabbit helping us... and I planted my peas....*phewwww,  and then we had a cook out  with Mum to finish off the day !   Sunday was the St Patrick's Day parade.... but you'll will all have to remain in suspense a little longer for that...


  1. Where do I start? I love the new banner - is it one of your photos? And your hubby did treat you really nice with the trip! (is he reading the blog?) David doesn't want to be mentioned, seen, anything!! I love the pictures. Most times unplanned trips are the best. Keep posting...please!

  2. The photo was taken during our adventure... above someone's door, was that window. No, Hubby doesn't really 'read'it, but he will show a little interest in what i'm doing in short bursts. I almost threw the computer into the yard last night, but i pressed on thru all my frustrations, just because i knew you were waiting... :)

  3. I don't want to stress you! But I was waiting for your answer... you know me... miss little impatient???

  4. What a wonderful day! I am interested in that grave marker. Did it say anything?

    Sandra, that is funny about David not wanting to be in your blog. When I get to meet him, I am dedicating a whole blog post about him. hehehe (unless he really doesn't want me too)

  5. Christina, he doesn't want to be on my blog,,,hint, hint!