Monday, October 4, 2010

Set to Music?

Yesterday, we were watching an "Equestrian Competition" on t.v. (not very creative or crafty i know, but i have a weakness for staring at horses, I always have.).... 
The last event was horses "dancing"... or so it appeared.  Complete with riders in the little black top hats and long shiny leather boots that they wear for such things... The horse's every fancy, prancy movement went in time with the music, if the music sped up the horse sped up ~ each step was to the beat.

So here's what I'm thinking. What if our lives were set to music?  You know like in the movies; they play music to accentuate the scene...  Picture it, your late for work and suddenly fast paced "car chase" music starts playing... as you weave in and out of traffic trying to get there quicker. You're in a really bad mood and some angry music well suited to a Matador doing the Paso Doble starts playing really loud.... You're getting into your car in a dark parking lot late at night, and the very tense spooky music that keeps building and building starts playing. (you know the kind; Susie Q (our fair heroine) runs to her car as Crazed Ax murder is chasing her, and she can't get the key in her car door and keeps dropping them and crazed guy is getting closer and closer ~ and you hide further behind your pillow) I think it could be a very entertaining thing for we humans. You could (just for fun) run a few steps to speed up the music, and stop.  And then walk in slow motion, and then run really fast.... just to toy with the imaginary band responsible for playing the "music of your life".... Can you picture it? You are walking along in the grocery store and each foot fall elicits a beat ~ it could make it a lot more fun to shop for a gallon of milk!  Come on, try it; even though the music is only in your head! :)))))))))   Silly I suppose.  But the thought of it makes me smile.
Just had to share the thought..  just cuz I can!


  1. Great idea ... right now I am "hearing" music in my head while I type this ... it's uhhh... pompom pom pom pommmm ...pommmm pom pom pompom ... do you recognize it?
    It works ... everybody should do this ... it really works. ;-)

  2. I hear a big applause like in the TV shows that are filmed "live" and laughter... because this post is fun and the idea so original! I guess the music would drive me crazy sooner or later.

  3. What a great post Melody!
    Just please, please, please do not make me hear da, dum, da, dum, da, dum when I am in the water!

  4. I think the da dum, da dum song only plays if your in water near Nantucket...
    You've got me stumped on the pom pom song...
    The applause could be nice, when you step in the door at the post office, a big round of applause sounds... I could like that too. ;)
    Think i caught myself walking funny time to the music in my head... hmmmmmmm.