Friday, October 29, 2010

An unsolved mystery; just in time for Halloween....

Recently, I had a chat with a friend about blogging... Is it still fun? What's the point? Does anyone even read them?    All very good questions... perhaps someone can help answer them? 

Let me begin by saying I am most grateful for my loyal followers; you make me smile ~ and i love knowing you're there!  I enjoy seeing your faces peeping from those little teeny boxes ~ or your shadowy silhouette for those of you who don't have a picture!

What is it that makes you read a blog?  Or not ~ as the case may be? 
Are you an artist?  A farmer?  An animal lover? Have an old house with issues? Love miniatures?
What triggers you to become a follower?
 Make a comment?
Come back and read a blog again?
Look forward to the next post?
Do you like to see pictures and no writing; or read about the people's real lives?
Do you want to know what I did last weekend? Or do you want to see art work and puppies?
Do you think it would be nice to receive a reply or acknowledgement if you do comment?
Some people give away a piece of art to their favorite comment/answer to a question... do you like that?

Maybe there's a really great person out there who could become an amazing new friend ~ if only they said, "hello, I liked your post this week!"  -or  "I'm curious about what goes on in your mind to make you draw silly pictures of mice and rabbits".. or  "why do you give a rat's pitute about some stupid ole farmhouse?"

Human nature makes us curious.... and also to strive for recognition. Like athlete's in the Olympics... They do it for themselves, but also in hopes of winning the gold and the acknowledgement that they did a good job! The proverbial "pat on the back".
Some people have hundreds of followers (that always sounds strange doesn't it?); are they friends and family? Are they customers? Are they just random people who stumble over it by clicking "next blog"???

Other people must be curious too?

I'd love to meet other artists around the world... or animal lovers?  Or old house restorers? People who love to write real letters? People who take too many pictures...

 Can anyone shed some light?  Offer some clues?  Assist in solving this modern day mystery?
 I could draw you one of those funny deerstalker hats like Sherlock Holmes wears, to inspire you? :)))))


  1. The very same questions wander in my mind.
    Yes, it is fun to have a blog but like you, I just can't post so regularly as some can. If I feel like I should, it only causes unwanted pressure which results in posting even less often.

    What's the point? To share whatever we feel like sharing. I guess. Some blogs are very personal, some are just different episodes from daily life. I could share more personal stuff but that would mean more involvement with the blog and I don't have the time.

    I know someone reads them and some even leave comments. I used to read a blog passionately (and still do) for months before I dared leaving a comment. Why? I guess I was afraid my comment wouldn't be published or that maybe that person would find me dropping in an intrusion? Neither of that happened - the blogger even sent me an e-mail thanking me for stopping by! I was ecstatic with joy!!

    I come back to a blog if it resonates with me. I can't really explain it as I read different blogs (but mostly from animal lovers) - one blog may have hundreds of followers and awards, but that doesn't mean I would find it worth following. If I become glued to the monitor when reading a blog, I decide to follow it. If it was just pure luck and I realize as a whole it is not "my style" I unfollow it. I also find it polite to follow someone who follows me even if I don't read their blog regularly (or at all)

    I am an animal lover. I wish I was more artsy. I love letter writing, I love stories about old houses, I love your lovely drawings and crafts.

    Making comments... I love getting comments so I guess everybody else does, too. I try to comment on most posts as it is nice to give some feedback to the author.

    I don't mind if a post is pictures only or text only. Pictures tell a thousand words, right? I can't follow blogs that have pictures only all the time though. It gets boring soon.

    Real lives is what I like to read about, yes. That doesn't mean you have to spill your soul over the keyboard - I just like to learn about every day life and about someone else's thoughts, dreams...

    I would like to know and see what you did over the weekend, I love reading about the animals, I love seeing your art and I just adore your brilliant sense of humor!

    I like receiving acknowledgment about the author reading my comment :)) Of course I do, doesn't everyone? Don't we really blog so we can interact with kindred spirits?

    I don't mind if some bloggers give away a prize - I think receiving such a prize makes this blogging thing more real.

    I can understan why some of the blogs have so many followers - they teach different things and people like to learn new things. But with some I feel like they just go out there and click follow on every blog that they come along and the other person returns the favour? Is this only envy from my part to be thinking like this? Honestly, how on earth can you really follow that many blogs?

    And yes, I should remember this is YOUR blog :))) And I enjoy it immensely.

    Your FGIS

  2. Well now...that answers a lot of my questions... would you like your complimentary deerstalker? I will do my best to keep it all interesting and keep you coming back for more! I raise my glass to Kindred Spirits!:) *three cheers* ! :)))

  3. What can I say besides sharing the feeling described before? I think we like to get comments because that proves peopel have actually "seen" us. To me, if no one cares about anything I do or don't do, I feel lonely or useless. Like a cry in the desert and no response ... that's blogging without 'followers' and/or 'comments'.
    If the blog I read is interesting to me, I write a comment, just because I hope others do the same. Of course most blogs do not 'touch' me like some do ... yours for instance Mel ;-) ... There must be some connection.
    I think most people are not aware of how much it's appreciated that a simple friendly comment can make someone's day. Just like in real life. A smile from a stranger, a simple "good morning" can make someone's heart glow a little. In real life only a few people give this warm hearted but free gift to others. We all live on our little islands and think being friendly can hurt us.
    Let's hope that the people who read this post realize this and say 'hello' to you ...
    Thanks Mel, for sharing your personal thoughts with us. You are a good example. ;-)

  4. Why is it so hard to reach out and be kind to a stranger; in real life or in blogland? We all do crave that acknowledgement from the world around us... sometimes, I am so wrapped up in my own mind, I don't see the people around me when I walk down the street... I guess there is always room for improvement for all of us. :))

  5. My reasons for reading blogs are completely different from my reasons for writing a blog - you may think that is obvious but I sometimes wonder and that makes me wonder about my own blog. Am I open and honest enough? Is it actually a diary, as such? - in my case, no. Having moved away from "home" as it was (i.e. the UK) my blog tends to be an update for friends and family. True and honest, yes. But do I also tell of all the bad bits along the way? - No, not ALL the bad bits. Do I open up my heart and soul to the written word - No. But then does anyone actually do that knowing other people will read it? Or, are we always a little guarded?
    Do you have different reasons for writing a blog than your reasons for reading other people's blogs?
    As for your bolg Mel, I LOVE your photos but also the fact that what you write just seems like a chat - i.e. what you'd say if I stopped by for a cuppa and said, "what are you thinking?" - that's what I like most about it.

  6. I read your blog because I love your writing style in here. It is unique from how you write in emails or in letters. All 3 are wonderful but in here there is a lightness, a joy for life and it's most simple pleasures that shines through for me.
    Keep writing so I can keep reading!

  7. I WILL keep writing so you can all keep reading! There is something rather "freeing" about talking to the world at large... You can publish yourself with the click of a mouse ~ and tell the world how you feel!
    My reason for reading blogs, as compared to writing them is that I love to see inside other peoples worlds. I like to see what people's houses look like, what they choose to take a picture of... what they consider beatutiful and worthy.. I like to see people's art and to read their stories, both funny and otherswise. I like to see that other people have hopes and dreams they are too scared to follow, and also gain strenght from those who ARE smart enough to chase their dreams regardless, and have come out the other side with success firmly in their grasp!

  8. Hello Melody,
    I know you follow my blog and know my drawings. I am really bad at leaving other people comments, yet I am always so pleased to find other people leaving them for me. I try to leave them to say thank you for a visit but I just do not have the time to regularly go to everyone.
    I want to spent my time being creative. So why do I blog? I guess to share and hopefully inspire other people. I love seeing other peoples blogs, for lots of different reasons. Sometimes it is just something they do the same as me.
    I remember you telling me you find china and treasures by your house, that really made me smile, then I saw your photograph of your found china, so lovely. Today I have seen your lovely painting of the mouse with the acorn, love it. And your "creative table", now we really share something here...mine looks like that often.
    I do pop in here,just as I pop into other blogs, following links all over the place. You have made me think that I should try to leave more comments and let people know I visited.
    Anyways, love your photographs, and your crafting, the way you said it makes you happy...yes I can agree with that too.
    It is funny this blogging, I guess we all do need to connect and know other people are just the same, do the same things as we do and that we are sharing our lives with others.
    Best wishes Millyx