Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Continues

That's the roof of old part of the hospital lit up.... looking up the river into town.

Squeaky the sweet little duck,  blissfully unaware of the dark clouds approaching...

A Nantucket Light Ship, docked in the center of town.
Holding sunshine in my hand.... :)
Harbor scene zoomed out a bit....
The inside of a tulip....

Thanks for dropping by ~ let's do it again soon!


  1. Lovely pictures Mel. The harbour looks cool. I love harbours. The tulips are fine but you know, as a Dutch woman I do not like them.;-)

  2. Great Pictures Melody!
    Lovely tulips! (I am not Dutch so I can like them Eva? *laugh*)
    Everything is really looking wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. AMAZING rainbow shot! next i want a pic of a full moon with the reflection on the water...please. (o:

  4. I truly love your pics, Mel! You have a "special eye" for beautiful things in life. I do not comment often, but I visit your blog frequently. I try to write you a letter as soon as possible. Many things has happened, I'll tell you more in my letter. Hugs:)