Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home ~ Being Creative

 The theme/word for May's Being Creative is "Home"....
Home is where the heart is they say....
as you can see below, home is where quite a lot is in my wierd little world.
I can't really say I've live a whole bunch of places as compared to some.... but I remember my Mother asking each time we did move, "Is it Home yet?"....
A good question of course, it takes a moment to become one with a new house. You have to get comfortable with the place, work thru it's quirks ~ you and your place of dwelling have to get to know each other a bit.
Once you do, it can become home.
 It may be a tiny trailer, a rented apartment, or even a gutted sailboat on dry land... you never know.
Home is where you are welcome to be yourself and you feel safe;
or you can feel sorry for yourself quietly, or you can leap about with wild abandon.
It isn't supposed to be about "things" ~ as they say things can be replaced.... but at least in my case "things", including but not limited to, books are part of what makes it home.  Too many books, too many craft supplies, too many plants, too many animals; it's how I know I'm home.  Some peoples houses are spotless and echo from the silence and lack of "things".... that makes me uncomfortable.
In our house, you just never know what you'll find in the tub... If you were to thumb back thru the posts I bet  you could find quite a few species who have graced it's inside.  All I can say is it's different at our home... and it's not for just anyone ~ and I like it that way.
A hot cup of tea,  a new magazine and good sturdy cat that doesn't move around much to hold it up.

All the creatures and comforts of home....


  1. I love your poster with drawings! They remind me of some Dutch children's books that I used to read to my children. Very colorful!

  2. What a cracking post! I have to confess I laughed at the photo of your cat in the tub - how fabulous!! But I really liked your art work - it's wonderfully illustrative and puts me in mind of Dan Price and his Moonlight Chronicles (his work is fab, and you have a great style like he does - you ever seen his work?) Your words about what home means to you made me smile. You tell a good story, and Ive really enjoyed my visit today!

    Thank you.
    With love
    Julia x

  3. What a fabulous idea! Love it!

  4. I love your art work Melody lots of great 'things', connections, people, pets and memories!! Your descriptions are great too - would love to see you leaping with wild abandon!
    Keep up the really cheerful posts, I've had a good chuckle!
    Ali ;-)

  5. Love your illustrations - your furry friends are so cute :-)

  6. Thank you so much for the lovely comments; they made me smile after a hot and trying day in the office... I will do my best to keep the "fun" coming here in blogland; and in the event I should be captured on film (or whatever we call it now in the digital age) "leaping" ~ I will certainly post it post haste! :)
    Must go and look up the Dan Price now... :)))

  7. You described home perfectly well and I agree with you. Is that Pete in the tub? Very funny :-)))
    Having a "Home" is one of the most important things to me. It's the safe cave from where one can enter the big world ... or hide from it ;-)
    And it's the place where creativity gets a chance to blossom and expand ...

  8. Great post Melody! I loved all the pictures but your words always make me smile. :)

  9. My favourite being creative project so far - I'm halfway through looking. (Mind you I have a cheek as I haven't done anything myself). Love the art work as it is brilliant and totally agree with you about what home is! Lovely - thank you for sharing. Going to click on it now and have an even better look.

  10. This post is just so you! I love the photos (especially the last one - it's time the pets "pay" us back :)) ). You write so well and vividly, I can play the "movie" in my head:))

    Keep them coming!

  11. Yes, that's Pete Purrington in the tub ~ with his little rounded off ears...
    I SHOULD make the animals work for their kibble a little more... the lazy ones could be put to work as door stoppers... Zeke holds up the books and guards the mail... Hmmm, what to put the rest of them to work doing... good question. :)

  12. The illustration is really lovely - so many details captured, with such an insight into your home :)
    Helen x

  13. Lovely Post melody. It looks so very 'Homely' there. Lots of cuddly things and I do like your Illustration, it reminds me of a book I have by Edwina Riddell, called my first animal word book, it's an oldish book, you might still be able to get it or see it?on Amazon? Keep up the fun posts of your 'Crazy' home, they are great cheery uppers! X Julie.